What Are the Most Important Survival Skills?

When you are making your preps and planning for survival mode, it is so important to think about the skills you will need to help keep you and your family safe, and in some cases, alive. We don’t like to think about those types of scenarios, but it is certainly something to be considered. Here are 3 of the top survival skills you and your family need to know now, before disaster strikes.

Basic First Aid and Medical Care

I cannot stress the importance of this one enough. Imagine you or a loved one getting sick or injured, and having no way to get to a hospital or doctor. Knowing how to help them just might save their life! It is crucial that all of the adults (and kids, depending on their ages and maturity level), be taught basic first aid and lifesaving skills. Adults can get certified for this through the local Red Cross chapter, and then pass some of the knowledge on to the kids.

In my opinion, basic medical knowledge would consist of knowing how to treat most minor injuries and illnesses, like burns and cuts, stomach upset, fever, sprains, and how and when to use medication to address these conditions. This would also include knowing lifesaving skills like rescue breathing, chest compressions, and knowing how to help someone who is choking. You should have a well stocked medical kit, too, with the supplies and medications needed for a wide variety things. It’s also not a bad idea to have a first aid reference book in there, too.

Self Defense and How to Fire a Weapon

This is another very important survival skill that you can work on ahead of time. Many people don’t know how to fire a gun safely and accurately. This is a skill that can help you to hunt for food (if the need arose) and to defend your home and family. If you haven’t already spent some time in a gun safety class, or at the shooting range, you should definitely consider doing so. All adults and older minors in your home should know how to safely discharge a weapon. You should also know how to use proactive tactics to defend yourself, like using every day items to defend your person, and knowing the places on the body to strike if you are attacked.

How to Build a Shelter

Knowing how to build an adequate shelter is a very valuable survival tool, and one you should absolutely learn. Most people think about staying in their home or in a tent in a SHTF or survival situation, but there may be times when that is not possible. You may very well need to fashion your own shelter, and it needs to be one that will do a decent job of protecting your family from the elements. It would be a fun family activity to try building shelters from various things and seeing which ones hold up the best in different conditions. You could try using a tarp, limbs, rope, plastic sheeting, and other items to see which things might be appropriate to use if you had no alternative place to go.

Other good survival skills that are well worth the time to learn would include: how to find a water source (and collect the water, too!), how to purify water for drinking and cooking, how to cook over a fire, how to safely build a fire, and how to tell time without using a watch.

Hopefully you have already learned some of these survival skills, but if you haven’t, maybe this will spur you on to get started with them. You never know when you might need one of them! What are some other vital survival skills preppers should focus on?

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