The Most Important Skills for Preppers

What is the most important skill for a prepper? This is a question that we are asked on a regular basis. To be honest with you, it is a hard question to answer. There are some definitive answers but it is like asking for the best item to prep with. It all depends on your location and your skill level. However we are going to tackle this idea today. The idea is to highlight some of the most needed skills that you could have. Some are harder than others and some will require more work than others but at the end of the day you will be glad you learned these skills.

  1. First Aid 

Medical skills are always good. People are always going to be sick and/or hurt. Accidents happen. Being able to handle these issues is a plus. In a survival scenario you need to have the skills to manage a crisis and stop a potential life threatening issue. This is why we are listing first-aid as number one.

Take the time to learn about caregiving and how to care for serious wounds such as lacerations, gashes, knife wounds, or even gunshots. Animal bites are very tricky and even issues related to the intestines are critical to handle quickly. This is why you need to invest in a quality handbook or guidebook about first-aid. It is also a good idea to learn all you can about natural medicines, herbs, and essential oils.

  1. Gardening

We are fortunate enough to have the time and the space to have a large garden. Our garden provides us with food that we use all year long. Most of the harvest is frozen or canned. Gardening is one of those ideas that people have that seems like a good thought but they have no idea how much work goes into it. A garden is a lot of work. From preparing the soil to maintaining the soil to weeding and watering, a garden can be a nightmare scenario. The work and hours that go into the garden are enormous. However this is a skill that few people have. Take the time to learn about gardening and you will be served well.

Just to give you an idea about how much you can produce in a garden; a man in New York State has been gardening his ½ acre for many years. He has finally totaled what he is able to produce and it equals 80k per year. It can be very productive and it can save your life. Learn this skill.

  1. DIY Fix

Items break. Roofs leak. Faucets drip. Floors rot. Your home might be well put together for now but there will come a time when items start to break. In a SHTF scenario you will be the only one there to manage these issues. Most people have no idea where to start and they are overwhelmed by the task at hand. Taking the time to learn these skills could mean the difference between life and death. While nobody is expecting you to be the second coming of Bob Villa, you can have the skills to fix the items around your home.

  1. Defense

Defense skills are rarely talked about. While you might have a large cache of guns or knives the real question is whether or not you know how to use them. Are you a skilled shooter? Are you capable of defending yourself with your hands? The sad reality is that a SHTF scenario will require that you learn how to handle yourself and to protect your family. Learning a valuable skill such as karate is awesome. Learning to be a sharp shooter is also a great idea.

Defense skills will never go out of date and you will be glad that you took the time to learn them. These are just a few of the skills that you could work on. Mastering one of these would serve you well but taking the time to learn them all would make you a lethal prepper!

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