How to Explain Your Prepper Lifestyle to the Kids

As a parent, you are a daily example to your children, whether you like it or not. They observe everything you do and in many cases, they imitate your attitude and actions. As a parent and a prepper, there will come a time when your kids want to know why you are stockpiling all this food and why you are so interested in knowing survival information. If you go hard-core and invest in a bunker, your kids are definitely going to notice that something is up. So how can you handle the situation? Here are some tips to help you explain your prepper lifestyle to the kids.

Scale Down on the Doomsday Scenarios

If you tell your child every possible catastrophe that you are potentially preparing for, you will end up with a very scared and anxious kid. Children do not need to know every detail of the Zombie apocalypse! Instead, approach it from the perspective of being prepared for any emergency. You can talk about how sometimes people lose electricity during a hurricane and explain that as a parent, you want to do your very best to protect the family in any situation. Explain that the supplies are just a way to be sure you are always protected and cared for if the power went out or there was an emergency.

Emphasize Privacy About Your Prepping

Another important thing to remember is that kids talk to other kids and they will tell anything! If you want to keep your prepper stash under wraps, explain to your kids that your emergency supplies are a private family project. Try to help your child understand that some families would rather not think about emergencies and they do not prepare in the same ways that your family does. Explain that it isn’t necessary to talk about your prepping habit with friends and neighbors and ask your kids to keep it a secret if you think that is best.

Make it a Fun Family Project

Instead of treating your prepping habit as a covert operation, make it a fun family project. Teach homesteading skills to the kids and let them get involved by helping you tend the garden, can your produce, and organize your supplies. There are so many essential skills that your children can learn as you explore survivalist scenarios. You could even practice bugging out by taking a family camping trip. By allowing the kids to get involved in your prepping projects, it will seem a lot less scary and it will probably just seem like a fun family activity.

The important thing is to minimize fear and anxiety and maximize fun and time spent together as a family. Being a prepper is a good thing and you want your kids to look at it in a positive way, rather than being embarrassed or worried about your family’s emergency preparedness. Keep a running dialogue going with the kids to gauge their feelings about everything and let them get involved as much as possible so that prepping is a family thing rather than just something you do on your own.

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