9 Ways to Turn Your Homestead Into a Profitable Business

Just because you are a homesteader, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are totally self-sufficient. As much as I dream of living off the land and having no outside needs, we’re not quite there yet and I highly doubt we ever will be. The truth is that there are some modern conveniences that I enjoy and I don’t see myself giving up occasional trips to Target anytime soon! The good news is that our homestead can sustain the majority of our needs and it can also provide a great income. If you are a new homesteader and you want to turn your home project into a profitable business, there are several ways you can make that happen. Here are some ideas to help you work towards your financial goals whether you have a mini farm or beginning homestead.

  1. Sell Meat and Eggs

It is always easy to find someone interested in buying farm fresh eggs. In fact, each time I throw out a quick status about eggs for sale on social media, I always have more requests for eggs than my busy chickens can fulfill! Selling eggs is a great way to make money and avoid waste. Selling meat is a little trickier. You will have to get familiar with food safety laws in your state and make sure you are careful to follow all the rules. I’ve found that it’s usually easier to sell a chicken then to sell a pack of butchered chicken breasts. Do your research and you might find that selling meat (alive or prepacked) could be very profitable!

  1. Sell Farm Fresh Vegetables

Everyone loves home grown vegetables, but many people are too busy or just too nervous to try gardening on their own. You can make a nice profit by selling some of your garden’s bounty to friends and neighbors. To take business to the next level, try renting a space at your local farmer’s market to sell your goods. Try to compete with other farmers by offering items that aren’t quite so common. Each year, we sell a lot of fresh herbs at the farmer’s market! Most people are offering tomatoes and bell peppers, but you won’t find as many with fresh basil and rosemary.

  1. Start a Fruit Orchard

If you have the available land and you are willing to wait a few years to reap the rewards, plant a fruit orchard. Apple and peach trees are a great option, but my favorite idea is berry bushes! There is a family in my area that filled up an acre of land with blueberry bushes and they charge a flat fee for families to come in and pick their own buckets of berries each year. It’s a popular stop for everyone in our town and they have created a nice little business right on their land.

  1. Make and Sell Jams and Preserves

When your garden is producing an abundance of yummy produce, it’s time to learn to preserve all that food by canning. If you can master the art of making jams and preserves, you can easily sell these at local craft fares, farmer’s markets, and co-ops.

  1. Be a Honey Farmer

Another great way to make some money from your homestead is to start keeping bees. It doesn’t take long to learn the ropes and you can sell the local honey and beeswax to build up your homestead profits.

  1. Raise Worms

You would be surprised at how lucrative the worm industry can be! Just think of how often people stop at bait shops to get a container of worms before they head out for an afternoon of fishing. You can raise bait worms or just raise worms for composting and sell them to other homesteaders.

  1. Raise Livestock

If you have the available space and you are willing to invest time to learn, you could try raising livestock. Selling goats and chickens and even cattle can be quite the lucrative venture, but it does take a special kind of expertise. The good news is that if you have land and you are willing to learn, this is a real option for your homestead!

  1. Cut and Sell Firewood

No one likes to chop wood in the winter so most people are more than willing to pay for precut wood! You can capitalize on this by chopping firewood from your land and selling it local families. If you have campsites in your area, find out if you can provide bundles of firewood to campers for a special discount and you could end up with a steady customer base!

  1. Rent Out Your Land

Do you have a gorgeous piece of land that people love to visit? Then maybe you could rent it out as a venue for weddings! You could build a little cabin somewhere on your property and rent it out as a private getaway for honeymoons and vacations. Campers will even pay a small fee in order to pitch their tent somewhere quiet and private, so you could rent out space for campsites in the summer.

Get creative and there are endless ways to make money with your existing resources. Your homestead can provide for your family in a lot of ways so start making a plan to turn your prepping hobby into a lucrative family business today! What are some other ways that you make profits from your homestead?

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