9 Things Every Prepper Should Be Doing Now

Whether you are prepping for a small scale power outage or a massive EMP attack, emergency preparedness is something that we should all be talking about and working towards. We can all agree that we are living in uncertain times and with in mind, it’s time to get serious about your preps. Even if you are already set up with months of food and water on hand, there are still things you can work on. Here’s a list of the top nine things every prepper should be doing now to get ready for whatever might happen in the near future.

  1. Store Cash

This is a sticking point for many because they claim that the economy will crash and money will be worthless. That is a very lucid and well thought out objection. However there is also a distinct possibility that cash will be able to help you. If you have the ability and the means then I would suggest that you store some cash for a rainy day. Make sure you have small denominations and that you store the money in a safe, secure, but secretive place.

  1. Practice Being Average

I have never enjoyed sticking out like a sore thumb. I have always preferred to blend in with the masses and simply go on about my way. Yet many people have a hard time blending and looking average. In hard times it could be to your benefit to blend in with the crowd. It is always a good idea to keep your preps secret and to make sure that nothing about you screams to the world that you are a prepper. OP-SEC has never been more important than it is today.

  1. Practice Bartering

This is something that many people are not comfortable doing. I would encourage you to start small. Bartering is a skill that some people just never quite get the hang of. Try bartering at the local flea market or even at a yard sale. It will hone your skills for a time to come when your life might be on the line.

  1. Take Care Of Health Issues

If you have major or even minor health issues you need to take care of those now before they become even bigger problems. While I am a big believer in natural, holistic medicine, there are times when you need to see a doctor. Science tells us that things tend towards disorder. So that simply means that your issues are only going to get bigger over time. Take care of your health now before the bottom falls out and you do not have any other options.

  1. Get Your House in Order

Most homes are in need of attention. There is almost always a leaky pipe or faucet. There are always boards that need to be repaired or shingles that need to be replaced. The point here is that home maintenance is almost always pushed to the back burner. Take the time now to fix the nagging issues in your home. When the time comes that the SHTF…your home will be in tiptop shape.

  1. Take Care Of Your Car

A wise man once told me that you can either spend big money on a new car or you can spend big money keeping your used car going. Either way you are going to spend money. Regardless of what you might drive there is a good chance that it needs to be tuned up or at least examined. Always make sure your car or truck is ready to roll. Try and keep your gas tank full. I always try and fill up whenever it gets to ½ tank. It doesn’t save money but it almost always means that my car is full.

  1. Learn To Cook In Bulk

Most preppers have a food stash that would choke a horse. And while that is great the vast majority of these foods are in number 10 cans. If you have never tried cooking in bulk in the past then it could be hard to get right in a pinch. Take the time now to learn how to cook these items in bulk.

  1. Always Have A Plan B

There is always a chance that your main living quarters could be rendered unusable. Where would you go? Do you have a secondary plan? If not then you need to be making a plan ASAP.

  1. Learn to Entertain Yourself

Too many people rely on TV and other electronics to entertain them. Whatever happened to getting outside, riding a bike, jogging, hiking, or even reading a book? If the SHTF and we lose power there are going to be a lot of people that go crazy from boredom. Learn to entertain yourself.

What are some other things you are doing to be prepared? Share some of your tips and suggestions in the comments!

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