9 Reasons to Stock up on Kitty Litter

Even if you don’t have cats in your home, you should still make kitty litter a regular item on your shopping list. This unusual item is a great tool for your prepper stash! Cat litter contains bentonite clay, a super absorbent compound made from volcanic ash. This compound soaks up any fluid it encounters and it also absorbs toxins.

One important distinction to make is that there are different kinds of cat litter on the market. A popular kind for cat owners is the clumping variety. This is not the kind of cat litter that you want to purchase to keep in your preparedness kit. The non-clumping kind has the active ingredient you are looking for and it is by far the best option. Here are 9 reasons why every prepper should stock up on kitty litter.

1. Instant Traction

If you live in or are traveling to an area where the weather is cold, icy or snowy, a bag of cat litter could be your best friend. Many cars can get stuck trying to get through snowy roads or driving on ice. The cat litter will give you traction and get you on your way. You can also use it on sidewalks or other icy areas if you want or need an alternative to ice melt or salt.

2. Toilet Duty

If you have to use a portable toilet be sure that you have a bag of cat litter handy to absorb smells as well as liquids. If you are ever in a situation where there is no running water and you are using a makeshift toilet, kitty litter will be your best friend.

3. Mold and Mildew

After a storm or other disaster, it is not uncommon to have water leak into the basement. Kitty litter is a great way to get the mold and the smell of mold out of the basement. You can also keep a sock full of cat litter in musty areas of the home to make sure the odors stay out of your home.

4. Keep Rodents Away

A little known fact about rodents is that they do not like the smell of cat litter. If you want to keep your emergency food storage safe from rodents, then make sure to sprinkle some cat litter outside of the food containers so that they will not bother the food you have stored.

5. Control Algae in a Pond

Unscented cat litter a great way to make sure that the algae in your pond does not get out of control. You need to know how many gallons of water are in your pond because you will need to use approximately one pound of litter for every 2000 gallons of water.

6. Get Rid of Oil Spots

No one likes to see the ugly oil spots some cars can leave in the driveway. To get rid of these spots easily, pour out some litter over the stain, let it sit for a couple of minutes. Sweep away some of the litter to see if the oil is gone. If some staining still remains, add more litter and rub it into the spot to help it absorb the oil. Sweep up the litter and dispose of it properly.

7. Power Up Your Garden

If you have issues keeping your soil moist in the garden you can use cat litter to help the plants grow stronger. Before planting, mix equal parts of cat litter and garden soil to fill your garden. The kitty litter is safe to use for any time of plant and will help to keep the moisture level below the surface.

8. Clean Produce

Many worry that our produce could contain radioactive toxins from soil or water sources. When you use cat litter on produce, the clay is able to absorb any dangerous poisons. The litter should be mixed as follows, 1 part litter to 8 parts purified water. Once mixed in a non-metallic bowl, completely cover the produce and let it sit for about ten minutes. All produce should be rinsed thoroughly with more purified water to make sure all of the clay and toxins are removed.

9. Remove Stubborn Odors

There are many places that you can use cat litter to get rid of smells. Anywhere you have a smell you are trying to get rid of, the trashcan for example, use a bit of litter to get rid of the odor. You can even sprinkle cat litter on stinky stains on your carpet or in your car. Let it work its magic overnight, then vacuum up the litter and your space will smell fresh again!

As you can see, kitty litter is a powerful tool that can be useful in any household. Make sure you stock up on cat litter on your next trip to the supermarket. You never know when it might come in handy. What is your favorite use for cat litter?

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