7 Ways to Fail at Prepping

We all know that prepping for a disaster or for a SHTF scenario takes a lot of work, planning, and effort. When you put those three things together, you are bound to be prepared for many situations. That being said, there are things you can do that will ensure you fail at prepping. Here are 7 ways you can mess it all up.

Focus on Prepping, and Nothing Else

Sure, it’s important to be prepared. We would all agree with that. But if prepping for a disaster (that may never happen) has become your whole life, and you can think of nothing else, there may be a problem. If you are so focused on your preps, your disaster plan, and an “end of the world” event looming in the distance that you can’t enjoy life, you may want to take a step back and re-evaluate some things. For example, if you don’t see the point in working or finishing your education because we might not be here next week, you are probably too focused on prepping. Balance is the key to being prepared without neglecting your priorities.

Being a Braggy Prepper

Most people think of preppers as being really reclusive and cut off, and not saying a word to anyone about what they are doing to prep. However, there are some who love to brag about all they are working on to get ready for a disaster. No one likes a bragger. And if you brag about your preps, your stockpile, and where you’ll go if the SHTF, then not only are people going to get tired of your bragging, they will also know way too much about your personal plans. It’s one thing to share with others about what you are doing to help them get ready, too. It’s another thing entirely to do it just so you can be noticed.

Failing to Prep, Period

No one likes to think about a major disaster, a nuclear attack, or any type of situation that would be the end of the world as we know it. But keeping your head in the sand and not being prepared is going to make it so hard when the situation does arise. You won’t be ready, and you and your loved ones may suffer. Failing to prepare is simply not smart. If you don’t have a large space to store emergency supplies, you can still prep. Pack a couple of small emergency kits with food, water, and other supplies and throw them in a closet or the trunk of your car. It is not much, but it is a start.

Prepping with No Plan

This is almost as bad as not prepping at all. If you have a good stockpile of items, but you have no idea where they all are, or what you can actually do with some of them, they aren’t going to help you when you truly need them. It’s a good idea to have a running inventory of all your preps, where they are located, and how they are to be used. It’s also a good idea to have a bug out location (or two) picked out and ready for you should you need them. If you have a plan, it will lessen your stress when disaster strikes because you know what to do.

Spending Too Much

It is very easy to spend a lot of money on prepping supplies. This does not have to be the case. You can very easily prep for your family for pennies on the dollar. One family I know has gotten a lot of their prepping supplies like tents, a cook stove, and storage containers at places like Goodwill. It doesn’t have to be new and flashy to get the job done. There’s no need to cash out your retirement to prep for a potential disaster.

Prepping in Spurts

It’s great to go out and stock up when you need something, like before a big tropical storm or hurricane hits. However, you probably notice that everyone else has the same idea, and stores quickly run out of items which leaves people in a bind. Did you know you can avoid this altogether by prepping all the time, and not just when disaster is imminent? Add a few cans of food to your grocery cart each week. Watch for sales on things like basic first aid supplies or canned fuel. Constantly add these things to your emergency kit, rather than waiting till you need it. You’ll be glad you planned ahead.

Prepping Without Purpose

As mentioned before, do you know the purpose of each of the items in your emergency stash? Will you actually eat all of the foods in your stockpile? Many preppers can easily make the mistake of buying something for their stash because it looks cool, or seems like a good idea, but in actuality, they would never use it. This is prepping without a purpose. Those items will go unused, and take up the valuable space of something that could actually be beneficial to your family. Take stock of what you are buying and collecting and if it isn’t going to help you, pass it on to someone else!

Please don’t make these prepping mistakes. They are setting you up for frustration and failure, and those are the last two things you want to deal with when you are in survival mode.

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