7 Reasons to Add Chewing Gum to Your Survival Supplies

Walk into any supermarket, grocery store, or convenience store and you’ll find a large assortment of chewing gum just waiting to be explored. You can pick your own personal favorite based on flavor, sugar content, and quality. Chewing gum isn’t a modern obsession. In fact, historians have evidence that ancient cultures such as the Greeks, Egyptians, and Aztecs chewed gum, though the gum those cultures used was made of tree sap rather than the concoction of ingredients people prefer today.

Most of us keep a pack of gum on hand just in case. It’s a great way to freshen your breath, squelch a growling stomach, or avoid a cigarette craving. But the uses for gum go way further than that. In fact, you should be stockpiling gum along with your food and first aid gear because it has a lot of important uses in a survival situation. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways chewing gum could make a different if you face a SHTF scenario.

Boost Your Mental Capacity

As hard as it is to believe, chewing gum can improve your memory. It will also improve your ability to concentrate. The best gums to use for this are ones that are caffeine based. According to a recent study that was reported by NBC, the motion of chewing triggers an increased flow of oxygen rich blood to the brain. This offers an instant boost in overall brain function. In fact, scientists believe gum is so effective that they are urging parents to offer chewing gum to students while they study.

When the SHTF and you have to bug out, your ability to concentrate and keep track of your situation often means the difference between life and death, so it makes sense to keep several packs of caffeine enriched gum in your bug out bag.

Ease Hunger Pains

For years the military has been urging soldiers to chew on gum whenever they’re hungry and don’t have quick access to a meal. If you have to bug out, you could find yourself in a similar position. Chewing gum acts as an appetite suppressant, especially if you choose a mint flavor. Trick your stomach into submission by grabbing a stick of gum when you don’t have any food on hand.

Instant Bait

Want to do some fishing, but don’t have any real bait you can use? That’s not a problem when you have some chewing gum in your bug out bat. Just place some already chewed gum on your hook, toss it into the water and sit back and wait for the fish to start biting. Chewing gum as bait is particularly effective when you’re fishing for catfish or your crabbing.

Patch a Leak

You won’t be able to run your car forever, but when your radiator starts to leak and you’re miles from a shop, chewing gum makes it possible for you to get where you need to be. Slap a little chewed up gum on the fresh radiator hose and you’ll be good to go, at least for a limited period of time. The gum can also be used to temporarily patch leaking hoses.

Recover Lost Items

We’ve all done it. You dropped your keys behind the sofa and now you can’t reach them without rearranging the whole room. In a survival situation, dropping something from your gear can be disastrous. The good news is that gum can help. The next time this happens to you, grab a long stick and place some chewed gum on the end. Press the gum to your lost item, and in moments, whatever the item is, will be in your hands again.

Tighten Loose Window Panes

Have you ever noticed that the only time it’s easy to identify a lose windowpane is in the middle of a storm when the pane rattles against its frame? The next time this happens, take a little gum and stick it between the glass and the frame. The gum prevents the glass from additional rattling and also makes it easy for you to identify exactly which window you need to repair later.

Protect Your Flowers

The next time you’re chewing on some minty gum, after you’ve finished with it, put the discarded piece in your flowerbed. Experts swear by this little trick to repel bugs, particularly mealworms.

These are just a handful of the potential ways chewing gum could come in handy around your home or in a SHTF situation. This is a cheap and easy supply to stockpile so make it a habit to pick up a pack of gum each time you visit the supermarket. Pretty soon, you’ll have a nice supply of gum to help if you ever face an emergency.

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