15 Free Preps You Can Do This Weekend

Everyone loves free stuff, right? Unfortunately, most of the supplies we need as preppers usually cost a little (or a lot!) of money. The good new is that there are some things you can do to boost your family’s emergency preparedness without spending any money at all. Here is a look at 15 free preps you can do over the weekend.

Get Moving!

Being in poor physical shape is going to be a huge problem for a lot of preppers if we ever actually face a huge national crisis. Being out of shape could cost you your life in a survival situation. Whether you’re slightly overweight, morbidly obese, or just lacking in strength and stamina, it doesn’t cost any money to start moving and work on your physical endurance. Go for a walk, ride your bike, lift some weights, or just do some push-ups in the backyard. Working out is free and you are training your body to be prepared for a real survival situation.

Barter Your Way to New Supplies

Bartering is the perfect way to score some of the gear you need without spending a dime. Take a look around your house to see what items you might be willing to part with and then see if you can trade them for some other supplies that would come in handy in an emergency. Check your local CraigsList page and scope out the bartering section. You might be surprised at what you could get for free just by cleaning out your garage over the weekend.

Plan Your Bug Out Route

Having a plan is the key to any good prepper. Knowing where you are going, the best way to get there, and any alternate routes is a great thing. Even if you have a general idea of where you will go in a bug out situation, you should have several routes mapped out and ready. Take time to actually test out your route over the weekend and make any needed adjustments to insure that your family gets out of danger quickly.

Take Inventory of Your Supplies

Knowing what you have is just as important as anything else. Too many preppers just haphazardly buy supplies without keeping any record of what they already have on hand. Always remember, an unorganized prepper is nothing more than a hoarder.

Label Your Gear

It is always a good idea to label the items in your stash. Name it and date it. This will help you rotate your food stockpiles before they expire and figure out what you still need to add to your preps in the future. Best of all, labeling your supplies won’t cost you a dime.

Make An Emergency Plan

Would you family know exactly what to do in the case of an emergency? Have you ever talked about how you would meet up if you were all separated when disaster hit? Spend some time this weekend talking about potential survival situations and make a plan so that everyone is on the same page and ready for whatever might happen in the future.

Do a Practice Drill

Do a practice run of a survival situation this weekend. Try to be quick and accurate and figure out any problems that you can work on solving in the weeks ahead. You can make this a game and even get the kids involved. Take turns choosing a worst case scenario and then walk through how you will survive together and which steps you will take first.

Learn A New Language

This might take a little longer than a weekend, but you could at least get started! Best of all, there are enough tools online that it will not cost you anything. You never know when speaking a different language might help you and your family survive.

Find Holes In Your Plan

You might think your prepping plan is bullet proof but there are probably things that could be done better. Sit down and really look over your emergency plan and try to think of ways to improve it.

Collect Coupons

Coupons are like free money so make a habit of clipping coupons each weekend from the newspaper or printing them out online. Even if the coupons are for products you wouldn’t normally buy, if it is an item that could be useful for survival, add it to your list. In many cases, coupons make items super cheap or even free!

Collect Rainwater

Rain is free and it’s a great way to insure that your family always has water on hand. Set up a rain barrel this weekend or just stick a bucket outside to collect water during a passing shower. Even if you only collect an inch or two of water, it will be enough to water your garden and that’s a great start.

Score Free Items From Fast Food Joints

Most fast food restaurants have plastic forks, spoons, and knives as well as salt, pepper, and napkins. Don’t steal them, but buy a meal and then take a few of each. If you collect these in a storage bin over time, you will be surprised at how quickly they add up!

  1. Read Up on News and Survival

Keep an eye on what’s happening in the world by reading the latest news and combing through the headlines. Weekends are the perfect time to catch up on your favorite prepper blogs too!

  1. Hone Your Skills

Take some time to practice building a fire or a shelter. Head out in the backyard and try foraging for food. This hands on practice will go a long way to help you be prepared if you are ever caught in a wilderness survival situation.

  1. Sign Up For Free Classes

Most communities offer free classes on a lot of topics. Sometimes it is sewing and other times it might be small engine repair. Whatever it is, take advantage of these free education courses and sign up this weekend.

What are some other things you like to do to boost your preps for free?

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