10 Ways to Get the Whole Family Involved in Prepping

In our family prepping is just one of the many things that we do. We are always working outside in the yard or working on the house. The kids share all of the chores and we all understand that we are a team. Sure, there are plenty of times when the kids want to goof off or horseplay, but the reality is that they are more involved than I could have ever hoped for. If there is one question that I get asked more than any other it is how to get the whole family involved n prepping. Typically, like most of our readers, I have noticed that one or two people in the family are preppers while the rest are just along for the ride. Even in my extended family I have noticed several of the men prepping while the rest of the family has little to no idea what they are doing or why they are doing it.

Prepping is not an adult’s only thing and it certainly does not have to be a chore. It can in fact be a welcome time for family members to be together. So lets examine 10 ways that you can help get your whole family involved in prepping. Just for clarification purposes…the whole family does not mean your in-laws it just means the kids as well.

  1. Keep Calm And Prep On

By now I am sure that you have seen some form of the above phrase plastered all over a t-shirt. However there are some great truths to learn from that phrase. If there is one thing I could pound into the heads of my friends and fellow preppers it would be the mindset of calmness. Just remain calm. The main reason that so many preppers are looked at with disdain is because we have a bad habit of sounding like a nut job. I understand that prepping is serious and that the reasons for prepping are serious. But your kids do not understand that. Instead of freaking them out with stories of gloom and doom, try to explain the aspect of prepping in a more subtle way.

  1. Allow For Additional Ideas

This can be hard for some people. We often think that we have the market cornered on intelligence and we rarely ask others for input or advice. Why not ask your kids and your spouse about their ideas? It might be a crazy idea but it will show that you care for them and are interested in their feedback.

  1. Make It A Game 

Obviously prepping is not a game but the kiddos don’t always know that. Why not make it a bit more fun for them to help out. Try seeing who can carry the most cans or who can hold the heaviest bucket of rice? Making time for fun while doing your work is a great way to get them more involved.

  1. Family Meetings

I know this was a boring thing when I was a kid but the truth is that these are some of the best memories that I have. Everybody was there and we all had a chance to talk. This is the time when you can explain why you prep and maybe even what you are prepping for. When the family is in the know they are more likely to get involved.

  1. Use Your Preps To Help Others

What does this mean? We have a huge stockpile of canned goods in our prepper supplies. We typically rotate the stock every 3-4 weeks and the cans that we do not use we will donate to the local food bank or homeless shelter/ministry. The kids get a kick out of this because they feel like they are doing something to help their community.

  1. Don’t Force It

The quickest way to turn your kids or spouse off to the idea of prepping is to force it on them. You understand how this works I am sure but keep it in mind. A willing helper is a much more efficient helper.

  1. Assign Sections

Kids are always interested in helping when they have skin in the game. Obviously they have no money but they do have time. Give them a section of the supply room that they are responsible for. They clean it and keep the stock in date. Ownership goes a long way in the prepper world.

  1. Give The Kids A Treat 

We typically work on the preps on Saturday. When the kids come out to help us we allow them to listen to their radio station of choice. Sounds corny but it really does make them more useful.

  1. Explain The Cool Stuff

My son loves electronics. He also loves to see how those electronics work. When we took the time to showcase some of the electronics we had for prepping he was hooked. A small device made him interested in all of the stuff that we do. Again…simple.

  1. Family Secret

Kids love to have secrets. I don’t always encourage secrets but in this case I do. We do not broadcast our supplies to the world and we certainly do not share it with the community. The secrecy is not out of meanness but more out of a desire to survive in a SHTF scenario. Explain this to the kids and they are likely to be more interested in what you are doing.

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