10 Predictions for 2015 That Every Prepper Should Hear

I have been scouring the Internet recently and I have come across a plethora of information regarding our new year of 2015. It seems that the majority of the tin foil hat folks are saying this is the year for disaster. Obviously they are going to be right at some point and then they are going to say, we told you so. I have read through a good number of these predictions and some of them are weird and others are down right loony. However there are some serious predictions being tossed around and I wanted to compile them all right here for you. Take a look at these predictions and then weigh in with your own in the comments!

The Economy Stupid

I am not sure if you remember that catch phrase that was hurled at former president George Bush Sr. but it came from the Clinton machine. In fact, James Carville was the one that said it first. Anyway, the economy cannot continue to push forward at this pace. The stock market is soaring and the average Joes are tanking. Something has to give and I expect a stock market “correction”.

Cyber Security Will Abound

With the recent rise in the cyber wars and with the continual debacle that is Sony, we are all aware that the United States is not very ready for a cyber war. I expect more leaks and even more attacks.

Another Bush

Jeb has already made the initial push into the Presidential election and he is going ot continue to throw his considerable weight around. It is a shame that we are dealing with another bush after all these years but here he comes.

Iran Will Grow

Not only is Iran going to continue to smile at our president but they are going to ignore him and move forward with their weapons programs. This will supposedly infuriate our president but he will do nothing of substance to thwart the issues. The threat for a nuclear war will grow in the Middle East.

Israel Will Strike Iran

Because of the lack of leadership from the United States, Israel will preemptively strike Iran. They may or may not be successful in stopping their nuclear potential but they will be successful in turning the world against them. This is the plan that Iran is hoping for since it will give them cause to attack Iran.

The United Nations Will Sanction Israel

The fallout from the attack on Iran will result in numerous harsh sanctions against Israel. They will become the ugly duckling of the world and the United States will effectively disown them.

Winter 2015 Will Cause Power Grid Failure

The power grid in the United States has been reported to be very fragile. I am not sure how fragile it really is but apparently there is something going on here. The winter months that are ahead will be very cold and very brutal. The continued use of heat will force the power companies to make more electricity and thus the grid will fail in certain areas.

False Flags Will Rise

I am not a huge fan of the idea of false flag terrorism, but I do think it has a place. There are serious claims and serious evidence that the Federal Government has done this before and they will likely do it again. Especially in the event of a serious conflict between Iran and Israel, look for a serious false flag attack in a large metro center, such as Chicago or even Los Angeles.

Continued Sleeping

The masses are asleep. Just like the slumbering giant in the Jack and the Beanstalk story, the United States has the size and the potency to really be a formidable opponent. However the majority of our citizens are asleep or they simply do not care any more. If the people really cared about the issues in America then they would be doing something about the idiotic behavior in Washington. Look for the masses to continue to vote for stupid and to be upset when they get what they voted for.

Preppers Will Be Ready

Just like a good boy scout is always ready, so too will the preppers be ready. That is what we do. We are not prideful or even boastful. We simply understand the importance of making sure we have our bases covered and our families protected. In 2015 we are going to be more prepared than ever before. And we might even be called on to actually use our preps.

What do you predict will happen in 2015 that could have a major global impact?

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