10 Major Problems You Could Face After an EMP Attack

One of the most fearsome issues that we could ever face would be the launch of an EMP style attack. EMP stands for Electro-magnetic pulse. This is a byproduct of a nuclear explosion but it can also be a bomb all on its own. This is the nuclear explosion for electronics. Similar style events have happened before and they will certainly happen again. In the mid 1800’s a series of solar flares struck the earth and sent the telegraph machines into a frenzy. Why? They would not work. They were fried. This type of event could totally wipe out the power grid of any country and it would also render most vehicles useless. Because newer cars rely on the computer for the majority of their existence, once that brain is fried the car will not work.

EMP attacks have been spoken of on the floor of the House of Representatives and they have been highlighted in books and movies alike. It is a real threat and it is something that we are not prepared for. The loss of power across the nation would lead to mass chaos and death. Within 3 months millions of people would be dead and the streets would not be a safe place to be. So the biggest question to answer is are you ready for such an event? The obvious answer is no. We can try to prepare but until it actually happens we have no idea what we would be in for. However there are some things that you could consider now. Here are 10 of them.

The Police Will Not Be Able To Help You

The entire system will be frozen. There will be no way to contact police and even if they could answer you they would not be able to drive to you. The power would be gone. The cars would not work and the phones will be dead. You will be the only line of defense for your home and your family.

Gas Pumps Will Not Work

Pumps work because they are wired to work. If the power goes off the pumps will not work. You will not be able to fuel your pre 1988 vehicles and they will eventually run dry.

Money Will Be Worthless

What good is money when there is nothing to spend it on? Money is only good because it says it is worth x amount of dollars. We purchase items with that money because we think the item is a better trade than the cash. The owner of the store thinks the opposite way. When the power is gone and the looters come out, the only thing money will be good for is for burning.

No Food

Again, the power is gone. The grocery store has no way of keeping the food. They have no trucks bringing them food from the farms. Once the run on the grocery store happens the food will be long gone.

Clean Water Will Vanish

The water from your sinks is clean and drinkable because of the people that work at the filtration plants that make it that way. If the power goes off there is no way to pump the water into the plants and there is no way to clean the water before it comes to you. Unless you have a well that can be manually drained, you will have a hard time finding clean water to drink.

Guns Will Be Confiscated

Don’t believe me? Look into what happened after Hurricane Katrina. In the aftermath the Army and the National Guard started taking the weapons away from the citizenry.

Traveling Is A Bad Idea

When we talk about bugging out to a safer place that does not include the issues associated with an EMP attack. The roads and woods will be filled with people trying to escape and you will be very vulnerable. Further, your car or truck, if it is old enough to still run, will eventually run out of fuel.

Sanitation Will Be Gone

There will be no garbage pick up. The sewers will not be cleaned. The sewage plants will not work. Garbage will pile up in the streets and disease and infestations will rise.

Cell Phones Will Be Dead

Those that are dependent on their cell phone will soon realize they are useless. The signals will be gone. The power will be off. The phone will not even turn on.

Protection Will Be Key

This type of event will turn family on family and friends on friends. Your neighbors will do what ever they can to survive. The protection of your home and family will be up to you. You will be your own police, marines, navy seals, etc. you are the front line and the only line. This is why it is so important to make sure you have the defense weapons and ammunition needed to survive.

What are you doing to prepare in case of an EMP attack?

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