Top 5 Biblical Essential Oils You Should Stockpile Today

Everyone knows that since Bible times, essential oils have been used for all sorts of things, from perfumes, to adding flavor to food, to treating medical conditions and illnesses. Many preppers are adding essential oils to their emergency stockpiles to use in place of traditional medications, and they are quickly growing in popularity for every day use as well. There are literally hundreds of different essential oils and oil blends that you can buy today. But sometimes it’s best to stick to the basics. These are 5 Biblical essential oils that you should definitely keep on hand.

#1 – Simply Earth Cassia Essential Oil


Cassia was used in Bible times for things like cold and colic, and for reproductive problems. It was also reported in the Bible to have been used with other oils by Moses for anointing. Cassia is a great oil to keep in your stash because it helps the immune system. A strong immune system is so important when you are in survival mode. You need to be at your strongest, so any type of immune supporting oil you can store for those times is definitely going to help you out.

#2 – Therapeutic Grade Sandalwood Oil


Sandalwood is often used in many perfumes, candles, and home fragrances. In Bible times, it was used for embalming, and as an aphrodisiac. It has modern uses include supporting the cardiovascular system and as a sleeping aid. Sandalwood is calming, and many people like the smell for their home. As a prepper, sandalwood can be an asset because it can help calm nerves and reduce anxiety, something that can run wild in a stressful emergency.

#3 – Sun Essentials Spikenard Oil


Known as the oil that Mary used to anoint Jesus, spikenard was used in Bible times to prepare the body for burial. While it’s not one of the more commonly known or used essential oils, it is a powerful tool for your medicine cabinet. It is anti-fungal anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory, so it can help with a variety of ailments. It can be used to treat cuts and scrapes, skin issues, and even yeast infections.

#4 – TheraPure Health Essentials Onycha


Onycha is actually an essence and not an oil, and it is a powerhouse. It has been used since Old Testament times for many things. In the Bible, it is one of the ingredients of the Holy Anointing Oil used by Moses. It was also used by other ancient cultures to clean and heal wounds, and as perfume. Today you can use it for treating everything from flu to cuts and scrapes to urinary tract infections.

#5 – Now Foods Hyssop Oil


Hyssop oil is a purifying oil, and has long been used for cleaning and disinfecting. It supports the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. It is anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory, so it is the perfect addition to your emergency medicine cabinet. You can use it for all sorts of illnesses and injuries from gastrointestinal upset to kidney stones, to fever and sore throat.

As you can see, the oils from Bible times still have plenty of uses today. Do you have any of these in your medicine cabinet? Are there others you would add to this list?

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