How to Stop a Cough with a DIY Honey Wrap

Nothing is worse than a nasty cough that keeps you up all night long. For parents, a child’s simple seasonal cold can become a nightmare when a lingering cough makes sleep impossible. Unfortunately, most over the counter cough medications rarely work for children, which makes a parent feel even more helpless. After a few days of this coughing, it’s likely you’re starting to think it will never end. Rather than throwing more money away on ineffective cough syrups, you should try a do it yourself honey wrap. It’s a safe option for both children and adults and it can stop a cough in its tracks.

Cough Medications Are Rarely the Right Answer

We’re a generation that has been taught from an early age that medications are the best way to fight illness, an attitude that has pushed us further away from the traditional cures our grandparents and great grandparents used so effectively. The problem is that while there are times when modern medicine is exactly what we need, there are also times when we should go back to traditional remedies.

Treating your child’s cough is a perfect example of how a traditional remedy trumps medicine. Not only do most over the counter cough medications generate mixed results, they can also trigger some troubling side effects, and the side effects can be very serious for anyone who hasn’t yet entered their teenage years. Every single year, thousands of children are admitted to the emergency room as a direct result of a severe reaction to a cough medicine that was meant to help them feel better instead of worse.

Coughs Are Powerless Against Honey

Honey is one of those miracles that seem to have a million and one different uses. One of the things honey does very well is treat children’s coughs. No one really seems to understand exactly why honey is so good at treating coughs, but everyone, including doctors agree that it works. Even kids who hate taking medications because the medicines taste bad will be more than happy to gulp down a spoonful of sweet tasting honey.

In addition to using honey to help with your child’s cough, you can also use it to:

  • Clear up skin irritation
  • Get relief from chest infections
  • Soothe a sore throat
  • Treat gingivitis
  • As a detox
  • Improve liver health
  • And much more!

Making a Honey Wrap

Making a honey wrap is really easy. The best time to do so is just before your child’s bedtime so they can rest instead of spending the entire night coughing. To make a honey wrap for a cough, you’ll need:

  • Gauze you can use to create a bandage
  • Medical tape to hold the wrap in place
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • Flour
  • A ½ teaspoon of olive oil

Mix it All Up!

Before you start mixing ingredients together, you should cut a square piece of gauze into that’s a few inches big. Doing this first means you’ll be ready as soon as the mix is complete.

Start mixing your honey and your flour. Add the flour slowly because you won’t need much. Once you have enough to make a small honey patty, you can stop adding.

Handling this honey patty is always an odd experience. The patty isn’t sticky the way you would expect, but at the same time, it doesn’t get crumbly either. If it does fall apart, you just have to mix it all up again, this time with a little extra flour.

The final step in the mixing process is gently blending the oil into the flour/honey patty. Once you’ve completed this, take a moment to roll the honey patty in some flour.

Turn the Honey Into A Wrap!

Spread the honey on the gauze and press the gauze, honey side to flesh, over your child’s heart. Most people put the wrap on the child’s chest, though some prefer to place it on their back. Either position works.

Tape the bandage in place. Before doing this double check that you’re really using surgical tape and having accidently grabbed an adhesive tape which will irritate your child’s skin and hurt when it’s removed.

Leave the wrap on your child for about two hours before removing it. If the wrap is being used to help an adult beat a raspy cough, the wrap can be worn overnight. Have you ever tried a honey wrap for fighting coughs? Did it give you some relief?

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