Prepping With Diabetes

If you or someone you love is living with diabetes, you know how scary daily life can be. That fear can be even worse when you consider the possibility of needing to stockpile your own supplies in the event of a natural disaster. Although it is not something we enjoy thinking about, it is definitely better to be prepared then to be caught in a bad situation that could ultimately lead to death. Below we will discuss a few ways that you can make yourself or your loved ones feel more safe and comfortable with the thoughts of uncontrollable events.

Daily Prep

You should already have a bag that you carry with you to school or work that contains your blood glucose meter, test strips, alcohol swabs, insulin, syringes, and food items to raise your low sugars. If you do not already have a bag like this with you each day, stop and put one together now. Also, make sure you let people at your work or school know where your bag is located and how they can help you in an event that you may become unresponsive. If you wear an insulin pump, it is a good idea to also have extra supplies in case you have a bad pump site and a few extra pump batteries on hand.

Short Term Prep

It is also good to have a larger bag stored in your car in cases of bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway, snowed in situations when you’re away from home, or other natural disasters that may keep you from returning to your home supplies in a timely manner. Along with a larger stock of your daily prep supplies, it is also a good option to have a bigger supply of food and drinks to combat possible low blood sugars while you’re waiting. This is a good place to store a few glucagon pens in case of an emergency. Along with your diabetes supplies, having a change of clothes and comfortable shoes as a part of this bag will help in case you may need to walk home from wherever you are stranded. Take extra care when storing this bag in your vehicle as insulin and soft drinks do not need to be stored in the heat.

Long Term (Doomsday) Prep

Whether you agree with the possibility of a worldwide apocalypse or not, having a supply bag to help you survive in the event that your home should burn down is definitely a smart idea. You will need to try your best and stockpile your supplies for this option. Insulin is not inexpensive and an extra supply may be hard to obtain, however, you can go ahead and start to hold on to your expired insulin because even though it may not work as effectively as fresh insulin, it is better than nothing! Having a copy of your current prescriptions along with a USB drive containing your medical records and history is another good choice to include in this bag. Finally, make sure you keep this bag in an accessible place along your exit plan in case of an emergency in your home and don’t forget to stop and grab your fresh insulin from the fridge as you go by.

Diabetes is definitely a difficult disease to monitor and control daily, but know that you are not alone. Do your best to prepare for emergencies as best you can and then you will have some peace knowing that even a SHTF situation won’t catch you totally off guard.

What steps are you taking to prep for your diabetic loved ones?

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