A Prepper’s Guide to Pain Killers

We have talked a great deal about the need for having medical kits and supplies in your prepper stash. We all know that people get sick and accidents happen. When those accidents DO occur, are you going to be ready? How will you handle a situation where a bone is protruding from the skin or a finger is missing? What about a more common injury like a sprained ankle or wrist? All of these injuries can be serious and they all have one major theme in common. They are all very painful. So the real question that we want to discuss today is the need for pain medicine in your supplies. Is there one brand better than the others? Are there drawbacks to certain items?

There are 3 major types of medication that the majority of the country will utilize when they are in pain. Most people will reach for Tylenol, Advil, or Aspirin. So we wanted to examine each pill and the reasons for using each. All three are different and they all work differently as well. Here we go.


Advil is a brand name for a drug known as Ibuprofen. Ibuprofen works to limit the COX 1 and COX 2 from forming in your body. These chemicals will create more pain and thus increase your discomfort.

The best reason for taking this drug is to alleviate swelling or inflammation in your body. Not only will this drug help remove the pain from your body but it will continue to fight against inflammation so that you do not have a recurrence of the issue.

Obviously there are some side effects to this pill and they will be different for each person. I have never personally had any of these issues because of the use of Advil but the side effects can be dizziness, diarrhea, tinnitus, constipation, and even headaches.

The thing to keep in mind about this pill is that it will limit the amount of pain you feel. It will work well for bruises and swollen joints.


The scientific name for this medication is Acetaminophen. So how does it work? It is an analgesic that essentially blocks the production of COX. It does not however stop the complete production it simply limits the production. In essence, Tylenol will help increase your pan threshold without actually limiting the pain.

The best time to use this drug is when you have minor aches or pains. It is not well suited for treating sprains or any other injury where inflammation is occurring. Tylenol is also a good product for headaches.

The side effects for this drug are very serious. If you take too many pills you could experience liver damage. If you are taking this drug and you continually have dark urine, or discolored stool, then you need to see a doctor immediately. More common side effects are loss of appetite and even stomach pain.


Aspirin does have a scientific name and it is Acetylsalicylic Acid. Aspirin works in two ways. In one part it is an anti-inflammatory. It is not as strong as Advil but it will help reduce small inflammation issues. It also serves as a blood thinner since it helps inhibit the production of thromboxane.

The best uses for Aspirin are minor aches and pains and even joint pain. It will not work as strongly as Advil in fighting inflammation. Aspirin is also a great drug for people that have HBP, Heart disease, or that are recovering from a stroke or suffering with dementia. When taken in small doses, under 100 mg per day, it can be very beneficial.

Keep in mind that Aspirin can aggravate your stomach and it has been known to cause ulcers. This is why coated aspirin is often recommended over regular Aspirin.

So there you have it. Advil is your go to pain medicine if you have a sprained ankle or any other inflammation going on. Tylenol is great for increasing your pain threshold and this is why it is recommended for headaches and even joint pain. Aspirin is the go to pill in the case of heart issues or even less painful joint discomfort.

What are some other options you use for pain relief?

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One comment on “A Prepper’s Guide to Pain Killers

  1. Sean Galt says:

    when the pain is unbearable and you have no stores or doctors anymore, such as a broken bone or toothache, if you stockpiled some (2 to 7lbs bags) of (sincerely nuts brand from amazon is good I think) poppy seeds.. pour one half to one cup in a 16oz water bottle and fill water to 2 inches above seeds.. shake for 2 minutes, unscrew cap halfway and pour brown liquid in a cup and drink every 6-12 hours. make muffins with the seeds after. (or maybe plant them after the shtf.)

    This isn’t to get high, it would make you sleep maybe, but don’t abuse it or do what stupid teens do with pounds of it. it works for pain in 6 to 8 oz of seeds just fine (so I heard).

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