A Prepper’s Guide to Fish Antibiotics

When filling your home emergency kit or bug out bag, one of the most important considerations is making sure you have a well stocked, versatile supply of medical items. You would include things like first aid supplies – bandages, disinfecting agents like alcohol or peroxide, basic pain relievers, essential oils, and various over the counter medications. But, have you considered packing and storing antibiotics?

Generally speaking, antibiotics can only be purchased when you have a prescription from a doctor, and you typically can only get that prescription if you are sick. So storing them isn’t really an option, unless you look for alternatives.

One option you can consider is using fish antibiotics. They are the same as antibiotics for humans, but they are sold off the shelf at the pet store – no prescription needed. They come in 250 mg doses, and there usually a “forte” option that is a higher dosage. This could definitely come in handy  if you needed antibiotics, and were in a situation where you could not get to a doctor. Obviously, you want to make sure there are no additional ingredients or additives – just the antibiotic medication.

Here are 4 types of fish antibiotics and how they can be used on humans:


Also known as Amoxicillin, Fish-Mox is used to treat bacterial infections. It can be used for ulcer treatment, too. It should not be used by those who are allergic to penicillin drugs.


This medication, known as Keflex, is used to treat urinary tract infections, and sometimes can be used for upper respiratory infections. It might also be used for infections on the skin, too. Those who are allergic to penicillin may be allergic to this, too.


Prescribed to humans under the name Clindamycin, this is a good alternate choice for someone who is allergic or sensitive to penicillin based antibiotic medicines. It is used for treating dental infections or bone infections, and some vaginal bacterial infections.


Sold as Bactrim, this drug is prescribed to humans to treat gram positive bacterial infections – things like ear infections, urinary tract infections, and even staph. Those who are allergic to sulfa based drugs should not take this one.

One thing to remember is that antibiotics can interact with other medications you may be taking (including birth control pills) you should know these drug interactions before administering them to yourself or a loved one. You can usually look up drug interactions online or your other prescription medications should come with a fact sheet that lists any medications you should avoid.

You should be aware when buying these, that they do have an expiration date, so if you’re planning to store them long term, it could be money wasted. They may expire before you need them. However, there is the bonus that most people won’t think about buying and stockpiling these – so when there is a mad rush on retail stores and pharmacies for other medical items, you should generally be able to get these from pet stores.

Of course, with antibiotic medicines, you only want to use them when necessary, so you don’t become resistant to them, so there are some occasions when you might want to try other options or let an illness run it’s course,  but in a post-collapse or survival situation, you may have to err on the side of caution and treat anyway.

I personally would have never thought to use fish antibiotics, but it seems to be a very viable alternative that is worth considering. Have you every used fish antibiotics?

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