A Prepper’s Guide to Echinacea

Living in the South has taught me a great deal about people. I have learned that southern men will never hire someone to fix or repair an issue without first trying to fix it them selves. I have learned that the women hate to be outdone by the other women. I have also learned that there are a growing number of people that are relying more on natural and homeopathic care than they are the medical services. Now I am not one to totally bug out from the doctor but I do have friends that are not interested in the doctor at all. Several of my closest friends have had natural childbirths at home and they also refuse typical medical care.

I must admit that when I first started learning more about the herbal medicine movement as well as the essential oil options, I was a little skeptical. I mean if all these things worked so well then why were the pharmacies not using them? Obviously the answer was simple. There is more money in the treatment than there is in the cure. This is why I have devoted so much of my time to essential oils and herbal remedies. This is why we even have a special section on the site for these items as well.

This leads me to a special item. Echinacea is something that I bet you have never heard about, and even if you have you have probably never used it. This is not some weird root or plant but it is a flower. In fact this flower grows in the warmer climates, especially here in the south. Odds are good that you have seen the small purple flower and just overlooked it. But this little flower has a huge punch. It has the potential to help fight off serious illness and it has been researched by several different doctors. It has even been mentioned on WebMD.

So what are the basics of this flower? The Echinacea flower can be used to treat sore throats, cold symptoms, earaches, and even infections such as sinus infection. It is a very powerful flower that has great potential.

How Does It Work?

There area lot of medical techniques and words that go into describing this flower while it works but suffice it to say that this little purple flower has the ability to help your body make white blood cells. We all know that the white blood cells are the cells tasked with fighting off disease and sickness in your body. So it is very important that your white blood cells form and function quickly. For a more scientific approach feel free to read more here.

How To Use It?

The best approach I have used is to make a simple hot tea. The plant or the roots can be steeped in the tea for as long as you would like. It can also be made into a spray as well as a salve. It is a very simple process for a very strong herb.

I would recommend that you take the time to talk to your doctor before starting in treatments on your own. It has been reported that Echinacea has caused issues with autoimmune disorders so you need to be careful if you have anything like that going on in your body. Research is also limited when it comes to pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers. Basically, just use common sense!

Do you use Echinacea? What are your favorite ways to use it to treat your family?

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