The Most Important Medications to Stockpile for Emergencies

Many preppers find stockpiling medication to be one of the hardest things they do. Not only do you have to worry about how much money you’re spending setting up a store of medications, but also the types of medications you’re stockpiling and how much you’ll need.

How Much Do You Really Need?

You should have enough medication on hand to last for at least a month. This is easy to do when it comes to over the counter medications, but prescriptions can be harder. If you’re on a long-term prescription talk to your doctor about your concerns and see if they would be willing to write the prescription in such a way that you would always have plenty on hand in an SHTF situation. Refill your prescription as soon as possible.

Which Meds Should You Stockpile?


You need to have at least one large bottle of pain killers on hand. Having something that you can take to help you manage a headache or severe menstrual cramps makes it a lot easier to concentrate on surviving.


This is a really good choice, since just about anyone can take it. The only time you can’t use Tylenol is if you have liver disease. Tylenol will help dull minor pain and is also useful when you need to ease a fever.


It’s always a good idea to have a bottle of ibuprofen on hand. Ibuprofen is designed to work as an anti-inflammatory, making it a great choice for everything from headaches, to menstrual cramps, to sprains. If you get an upset stomach when you take ibuprofen, trying eating a little bread or drinking a small amount of milk first.

Narcotic Pain Relievers

Narcotic pain relievers are medications such as Vicodin and oxycodone. They are more powerful than over the counter pain killers, however some people do have a strong reaction to them, and get confused or experience dizziness, so it’s best to only take them as a last resort.

Birth Control

It’s not a bad idea for women to have one or two months worth of birth control pills in their prepper supplies. Not only do you not want to get pregnant after the SHTF and the future is so uncertain, but the birth control pills will also help you regulate your menstrual cycle.

Cold Medication

Even if you’re someone who generally prefers to let your body heal on it’s own without the aid of cold medications, you should still have some in your emergency supplies. The stress you’re under in a SHTF situation takes a toll on your immune system, increasing the odds of your developing a cold at the exact same time you can’t afford to be slowed down by a stuffy head or nasty cough. The cold medication makes it possible for you to keep a clear head and function at peak efficiency.

Gastrointestinal Medications

Just like with the cold medications, the gastrointestinal medications will help you manage everything from constipation to heartburn that make it difficult for you to perform at your best and respond promptly in an emergency.

Psychotropic Medications

If you have to bug out, you might think that the sheer exertion will make falling to sleep at night easily, but in reality, the stress you’re under could very well hold sleep at bay. Psychotropic medications will help you get the rest you need and can also help you manage anxiety.


Without a doubt, antibiotics are the most important medications you can stockpile. When the SHTF, you have no way of knowing whether or not there will be any medical facilities available for treatment, and considering that even a minor cut can develop a serious staph infection, having some basic antibiotics in your bug out bag could very well save your life.

Children’s Medications

Make sure you have plenty of children’s medications in your supplies for your kids. Liquid medications are generally the best choices.

Allergy Medications

Even if you don’t normally suffer from allergies, you should tuck some allergy medications into your bug out bags. You’ll be glad you did if you encounter something in the wilderness that you are allergic to.

What are some other medications that you have stockpiled for emergencies?

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One comment on “The Most Important Medications to Stockpile for Emergencies

  1. Lori Washburn says:

    I am a Diabetic and take two different Insulins. How would I be able to stock up enough Insulin to make it thru a bug out? This has my family VERY UPSET about my survival. Any suggestions?

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