Discover New Home Remedies Hiding In Your Kitchen Cabinets

Have you ever found yourself feeling really under the weather and trying like crazy to find something other than the typical cold medicine? If so then you are not alone. Most people are always on the lookout for a more natural or homeopathic way to fight off sickness and other issues. But what if you were able to do this with just the items you already have in your pantry or your refrigerator?

The reality is that you probably have everything you would need to fight off a lot of common health problems hiding in your kitchen. Issues such as bad breath, sore throat, nausea, poison, and congestion can cause a major disruption to life, but it gets expensive to run to the doctor and the pharmacy every time you feel a little sick. Here are a few surprising home remedies that you could use to fight off some of these issues.


Snoring is not only horrible to deal with but it is actually keeping you and your partner from getting a good night of sleep. Sure, you could buy expensive pills and expensive pillows but wouldn’t you rather take the cheap way out? If so then all you have to do is sew a 3-sided pocket that is approximately 6×6 in size into the back of your pajamas or a t-shirt. Slide a tennis ball into the pocket and you will not sleep on your back any longer.

Sleeping on your back causes the soft tissue and your tongue to collapse into your throat. It creates a horrible rattling sound that can disturb everyone in your home at night.

Foot Odor

Stinky feet are a frustrating problem. Sometimes, it can become more than just annoying. It can be a serious issue that isn’t resolved even after a shower! The best way to handle foul smelling feet is to soak them in a mixture of hot water mixed with vinegar. Two parts of water to one part of vinegar should do the job.


There is nothing worse than trying to go to sleep only to be forced to lay there wide awake. Insomnia is a terrible issue to deal with but there are a few things you can do. You could try counting sheep or you could even try watching television. However the best option is to eat cherries. Cherries are one of the few foods that have a natural supply of melatonin. This chemical helps to regulate your inner clock and it has been proven to help you sleep.

Canker Sores

Mouth sores are some of the most unpleasant and annoying things you can experience. If you would like to use a natural remedy for this problem then you need to try honey. Just apply a dab of honey to the canker sore three times a day and you’ll be amazed at how quickly it heals!

Chapped Lips

Olive oil is the best option for chapped lips because it is filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. The fat moisturizes dry skin as well. Apply this 3 times a day and your chapped lips will be a thing of the past.

Common Colds

Surprisingly some science journals are actually saying that hugs can reduce the longevity and the severity of the cold. According to the researchers hugs lower your stress level and your blood pressure. Thus, hugs can boost your immune system. Sounds a little too good to be true, but it might be worth a shot! A more proven approach would be to drink peppermint tea. It will soothe your aching throat and open up your sinuses instantly.


If you are suffering from the hiccups, a spoonful of sugar is an instant cure. Here’s how it works. Stick out your tongue and gently sprinkle a spoonful of sugar on top. Keep your mouth open and let the sugar slowly dissolve. Don’t swallow it! Just keep breathing while the sugar breaks down in your mouth. By the time the sugar disappears, your hiccups will be gone.


If you are battling an upset stomach, make ginger tea with fresh shaved ginger. You can sip the tea warm or put it into an ice cube tray. Once the mixture has frozen you can break the cubes into smaller pieces and suck on the ice. It will soothe an upset stomach every time.

Poison Rash

Freshly brewed black tea is a great way to treat poison rash. Use cotton balls to absorb the tea and then dab the tea on the affected areas. Allow the tea to dry. Pretty soon, that itchy rash will be dried up and gone for good.

These are just a few examples of the many home remedies you can find hiding in your kitchen cabinets. Do you have any other great home remedy ideas? Share them in the comments!

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