The Best Supplies for a SHTF Dental Kit

When you are putting supplies together for your emergency medical kit, you do not need to forget about dental problems. Most people think about putting together things to deal with cuts and scrapes, or burns, or even broken bones. However, not many people think about what they would do if there was a dental emergency. What would you do if you lost a filling, or had a child knock out a tooth completely? Would you have the stuff you would need to help treat the injury?

Tooth pain can be some of the worst pain on the planet. I absolutely cannot stand having dental work done, much less thinking about having to do it myself. But I guess if the situation was bad enough and I had no other alternative, I would be glad I had put some emergency dental products in the medicine cabinet. Believe me, as with any first aid emergency, you don’t want to be caught off guard without the proper supplies to treat it. Here are 5 products you can buy today to add to your emergency dental kit.

1. Adventure Medics Dental Emergency Kit
This small compact kit is perfect for everyone’s bug out bag. It has all the supplies you need to treat most minor dental issues on the go, including toothpicks, floss, cotton pellets and a temporary cavity filling kit. These are priced at around $15, so they are budget friendly as well.

2. 5 Piece Emergency Dental Kit
This dental tool kit is an essential for your medical kit. It has pliers in two sizes, elevators in 2 sizes, and a dental mirror. While you don’t want to think about using these, you will be glad you have them if you need them.

3. The Complete Dental Professionals First Aid Kit
This is a larger more professional kit that would be a good addition to your larger first aid stash. It has Save A Tooth kits, which are used by the dentist when someone comes in with a knocked out tooth, as well as many other dental supplies that you may be in need of. It also has other supplies like eye wash, bandages, sterile gloves and other first aid items.

4. DenTek Dental First Aid Kit
I have used this particular product on a couple of occasions to replace a lost filling. It is easy to use, and very cost-friendly. You could put one of these in your purse as well as in your bug out bags, your glove box, and anywhere else you might want to stash a small dental emergency kit. It has enough product to help with several teeth.

5. Broken Denture Repair Kit
If you have elderly family members that you are prepping for, this product is a must. It’s bad enough to have a single broken tooth, but can you imagine if you dentures broke? You would not be able to eat at all! This kit has enough in it for three repairs, and will seal cracks, secure broken teeth, and help to save your dentures.

There are lots of dental emergency products on the market, and these are just a sampling that would be great additions to your medical supply stash. Add some to your kit today!

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One comment on “The Best Supplies for a SHTF Dental Kit

  1. Dr. T says:

    There are a few dental kits available on the web, and a variety of selected instruments can be found on eBay. Until very recently, no kit has had the critical elements of required dental hygiene tools, assorted extraction instruments, and necessary materials, medicaments, and matrixes to place restorations. Those that are available are either completely lacking in proper supplies, or the manufacturers are either unknown or untrustworthy. Either way, every kit currently available is not really complete.

    Dental Essentials, LLC has recently developed a kit that fulfills each of the requirements necessary to professionally clean teeth, temporarily and intermediately restore teeth, extract broken and infected teeth, and treat oral trauma. This kit can be found at All instruments arrive in pre-sterilized pouches ready for use. The kit comes in a custom cordura nylon case, to house each material and instrument accordingly.

    The last thing you want is to have the tools for a project and then find that they are of such poor quality that they do not work as they should. The kit bag and its primary line of essential instruments are all made in the USA of the highest quality and come with a lifetime warranty. The only thing this kit lacks is the anesthetic supplies, as they are regulated by the FDA. However you can order some via animal vet supply sites. (In full disclosure, I am a consultant for the kit, and I chose the components because they are brands I use every day in my private dental practice.)

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