How to Avoid Spreading the Flu to Your Family

It’s that terrible time of year when the flu is spreading like wildfire and entire elementary classrooms are nearly empty as kids struggle to get past the sick season. To make matters even worse, this year’s flu vaccine isn’t even effective because the virus has mutated. If someone in your household happens to come down with the flu, there are some steps you can take to prevent it from spreading to the rest of the family. Take action quickly and you might be able to keep the rest of your family well so the flu can leave your house as quickly as it arrived!

Diffuse Thieves Oil 

During flu season, we make it a habit to diffuse Thieves oil on a daily basis. If someone in our house gets sick, we run Thieves in the diffuser 24/7 and apply it to the bottoms of our feet at night. Research shows that this blend of oils is effective to prevent the airborne spread of viruses and bacteria.

Wash Your Hands 

Hand washing is the easiest way to prevent catching colds or the flu. If you are caring for a sick loved one, it is especially important to wash hands often. Make sure you aren’t just doing a quick rinse either. You should scrub in warm water with plenty of soap and to make sure you are taking enough time, hum the “Happy Birthday” song while you wash.

Don’t Touch Your Face 

If you have a bad habit of biting your nails or just touching your face, now is the time to stop. Flu germs spread when the virus enters your nose, mouth, or eyes so it’s essential that you avoid any contact with your face if you’ve potentially been exposed to the virus.

Quarantine the Sick 

It might sound extreme, but the best way to keep the flu from spreading to the rest of the family is to quarantine the sick individual to one room and keep everyone else out. Ideally, only one person can enter the room to care for the sick individual and this person should thoroughly wash their hands each time they enter and exit the room. If possible, the sick individual should use a separate bathroom. If you don’t have an extra bathroom, then make sure you sanitize the space thoroughly after each use to avoid spreading germs.

Time for New Toothbrushes

To avoid spreading germs, everyone needs a new toothbrush! This is a trick I learned from a nurse one time when we had repeated episodes of strep throat circulating through the family. We couldn’t seem to kick it and she suggested that I throw away our toothbrushes and buy new ones. It actually makes sense considering how most toothbrush holders keep them all very close together. This is an easy way to share germs and a recipe for disaster if someone in your house has the flu.

These are a few ways you can stop the spread of flu germs in your home. What are some other things you do to try to contain the germs when someone gets sick in your family?

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