7 Best Books About Survival Medicine

One of the items you might want to include in your emergency kit or bug out bag is a good book on survival medicine. These will include basic first aid tips, using natural treatments for many injuries and aliments, and extreme survival medicine tips. Survival medical books are an incredible resource to have in a disaster, so definitely consider purchasing at least one of two to include in your preps. There are many of these out there, but here are 7 of the best that I’ve read so far.

  1. The Survival Medicine Handbook

survival medicine

This one has a nearly 5 star review on Amazon, and it is great because it looks at every situation as if no doctor or hospital is available to you. It tells you how to handle these medical events on your own. It’s a big book, at nearly 600 pages and 2 pounds in weight, but would make a great addition to your emergency kit.

  1. Emergency War Surgery: The Survivalist’s Medical Desk Reference

emergency war surgery

This book shows almost 200 illustrations of actual surgical techniques. It is a manual given to military medics by the US Department of Defense. This is a no holds barred field guide to having to perform surgical skills when in survival mode.

  1. Living Ready Pocket Manual – First Aid

living ready pocket manual

This is an e-book edition of a pocket size first aid manual. Perfect to download to your smart phone. However, you may want to consider getting a print version as well to keep in your bug out bag if your phone battery dies. This is a great basic first aid book and has many step-by-step instructions on how to deal with things like hypothermia or dehydration, and many other medical events.

  1. Wilderness Medicine: Beyond First Aid

wilderness medicine

This book will help you to recognize different conditions, know how to treat them ,and what you can do to prevent complications. It has a 4 ½ star rating on Amazon and has reviews. It gives step by step instructions on all kinds of medical situations. It is also small enough to pack in your bug out bag.

  1. Foraging: A Beginner’s Guide to Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants


This is a wonderful e-book resource if you want to know the natural plant cure or treatment for dozens of medical issues. For centuries, people have used plants to cure all sorts of things, and if you find yourself in the wilderness, this book just might save your life, or that of a loved one.

  1. Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails

surviving when modern medicine fails

This book deals with essential oils and how they can help treat medical conditions. It is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in learning more about essential oils and how they can help. It gives over 350 different treatments and talks about the science behind essential oils. If you or someone you know loves using essential oils, this book would make a great gift!!!

  1. Poor Man’s Wilderness Survival Kit: Assembling Your Emergency Gear for Little or No Money

poor man's wilderness survival kit

I love this book because it shows that you can build a quality medical emergency kit without having to spend a fortune. It shows you how to use items from around the house for emergency survival and medical care, including how to assemble a complete emergency kit of new gear for less than $10.

Hopefully one of these books will make its way into your emergency gear. A good survival medical book is a great asset to any emergency or first aid kit! What are some of your favorite books about survival medicine?

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