5 Reasons to Stock Up on Tobacco Before SHTF

Everyone knows that tobacco is not the best thing in the world for the human body. In fact, the chemicals found in tobacco are harmful and fatal over a long period of time. However, tobacco isn’t completely evil… especially for preppers. Tobacco has some very good uses. While I am not encouraging anyone to go out and start a new smoking habit, I am encouraging you to think ahead and make sure you have all of your bases covered.

Tobacco has numerous uses and they are not minor either. Do you remember the time when the US military would provide cigarettes in the rations for soldiers? Cigarettes can be a hot commodity, especially during lean times when they aren’t easily available. Here are five reasons why you should have a healthy stockpile of tobacco in your preps.

  1. Barter

There are certain items that people are always going to want. People are going to do what they can for a beer or a shot of liquor. They are also going to trade their life for a pack of smokes if they are a nicotine addict and have no access to cigarettes.

Having the potential to barter cannot be overstated. The process is fairly simple and people are going to trade more for an item like tobacco than they would for something like sugar or salt. If you don’t stock tobacco for any other reason, you should save it for bartering potential. A few cases of cigarettes could give you access to antibiotics, ammunition, or other items that you desperately need in a SHTF situation.

  1. Parasite Control

In a real survival situation where you are on your own, you run a very high risk of drinking tainted water or consuming bad food. When this happens you also have a high probability of getting intestinal parasites. They can be very dangerous critters and they can devastate your body.

The good news is that tobacco can kill off parasites! Eating a cigarette will provide enough toxins in your system that it will stun the parasites, potentially killing them, and allow your body to pass them through the digestive tract. You can follow this up with another dose of tobacco in about 36 hours to insure the parasites are all eliminated. It works very well.

  1. Pest/Bug Repellant

There is little more annoying than bugs that will not leave you alone. They can ruin an outdoor event and they can make surviving in the wild a real buzz kill. If you are interested in making your own bug spray or bug repellant then you need to consider boiling tobacco. Most people have found that a package of chewing tobacco boiled in a gallon of water will do the trick.

After the mixture has boiled and cooled you will want to strain the mixture to remove any and all fine particulates. The water mixture can be sprayed or it can be rubbed on. Some have even found that mixing a little liquid soap with the mixture will allow it to cling to surfaces better. It can also be applied directly to your clothing or it can be poured in the area that needs to be treated. Tobacco also works extremely well for keeping spiders away.

  1. Fire Starting Tinder

Having and keeping fire is one of the most important aspects of survival. You need the fire for signal, safety, heat, and cooking. But getting the fire going can be hard. Transporting your fire can be even harder. A cigarette is made to burn and it burns well. It will hold an ember for a decent amount of time and the rolling paper will take a spark unlike anything else.

Obviously you are going to have to drag on the cigarette or cigar to keep the ember going but that is not a huge problem for most people. Cigars will hold the ember longer than smaller cigarettes so make sure you include a few cigars in your preps too.

  1. First Aid

Many tribes and cultures have used tobacco for the express purpose of removing toxins from the body. You have probably heard of using chewing tobacco on a bee sting. Many Native Americans believed that tobacco could remove poison from a snake bite and they would use it almost religiously.

Tobacco has a lot of uses and they are not limited to just these five. I would encourage all preppers to have cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and cigars in their preps just in case you ever need them.

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I’m Laura P, aka, Passion Prepper, aka, Storage Prepper! I’ve been homesteading nearly all my life and prepping for the last 6 years. I strongly believe our great country of America was built on self-sufficient families like mine and yours. Politics bores me, learning new stuff, getting outside and living life thrills me.

One comment on “5 Reasons to Stock Up on Tobacco Before SHTF

  1. James Koyle says:

    I have been making preparations for a while now but one concern is storing tobacco long term. What would be the best method for storing long term and that would be bug-out-bag compatible? I have seen some suggest canning or bottling but that would be high expense to do in massive bulk and not a very good option for bugging out in a hurry while remaining light weight. Would Mylar bags work with most of the air pushed out and oxygen absorbers used work? I have heard that tobacco can be remoistened for later use if dried out and still smoke fine but with a bit less quality after a few years. Thank you.

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