13 Herbs to Naturally Fight Diabetes

It’s a well known fact that one of the keys to successfully managing diabetes is a healthy diet. The foods you eat definitely play a role in keeping blood sugar levels and weight in check. Some people think that a diabetic diet has to be bland or boring, and without a lot of flavor, but that’s not true! Fortunately you can enjoy many recipes that are bursting with flavor thanks to herbs and spices. And many herbs are great for people with diabetes: they have properties that can reduce inflammation, keep blood sugar stable, and they are chock full of vitamins and minerals. Here are 13 herbs to add into your diabetic diet.


Cinnamon is known for being a blood-sugar balancer, but it can also play a part in weight loss, or help to keep blood pressure down, too. It’s also a great metabolism booster, so make it a goal to add more cinnamon into your recipes. Add some into chili, or even to rice or beans.


Don’t pull up the dandelions! These front yard “weeds” are actually rich in nutrients and can be a great addition to your diet. The dark green leafy plant can keep urine output up, and helps the liver function better. It is also a good weight loss agent. Many people drink dandelion leaf tea, or eat the leaves in a salad.


Most commonly used in Italian cooking, basil is great for diabetics because it helps lower your blood sugar. It also adds a wonderful fragrance and flavor to many dishes!


Who doesn’t love the taste of garlic in savory dishes? Add some garlic into your favorite Italian or Mexican dishes. Garlic is an anti-inflammatory agent and it’s also good for the heart!


Drinking peppermint tea will not only help with digestion, it’s also rich in diabetes fighting antioxidants. Those same antioxidants will also help with cancer prevention, too.


Ginger is a must for any diabetic because it packs a huge punch. It curbs hunger, and can aid in losing weight, something a lot of people with diabetes struggle with daily. It is also can help at lowering overall blood sugar levels. Try adding into a cup of tea, or add in to some Asian inspired dishes.


Stevia can become a diabetic’s best friend. It is a natural sweetener, and the only one that actually does good things for you. Keep in mind that stevia is much much sweeter than sugar, so it takes less to sweeten foods and recipes.


Another one to keep in your spice cabinet is tarragon. It can help with maintaining weight, and can help with overeating. You should purchase the French kind if you can, although it will cost a little more.


This popular cooking herb is great for diabetic people due to it being able keep inflammation at bay, as well as being good for the heart. Enjoy a cup of rosemary tea, or add it into some of your favorite soups or side dishes.


Fennel (both in plant and seed form) is a wonderful herb for any diet, particularly one of someone who has diabetes. It also is great for treating a cough, too! You can use it ground up in recipes or in an essential oil form.


If you love Indian food, then you have had dishes with turmeric. It is full of great properties, like being anti-inflammatory, and having lots of antioxidants. It is also good for your heart, and is even known to be anti-aging!


Often used in tea or in stews, sage is one herb to add into the cooking rotation if you are diabetic. Sage packs a powerful punch against colds or other viruses, and is even known to help patients with Alzheimer’s Disease.


Love dill pickles? Then you’re already a step ahead. Dill is a common herb used in many recipes besides pickles. You can add it to some scrambled eggs, or in dishes that have fish as the main ingredient. It’s also good for nursing moms, as it can help to increase their milk production.

These are just some of the herbs you can implement into your diet if you are diabetic. As always, work with your doctor to come up with the right eating plan and protocol to best manage your diabetes safely and successfully. Do you have any natural tips for managing diabetes?

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