10 Ways to Give Your Immune System a Boost

I have to admit that I have been obsessed with the outbreak of the Ebola virus over the past few months. And once the virus was diagnosed here in the United States I became even more concerned. The sad truth is that a virus, of some kind, will be the main threat to people. I am not sure why so many people are still living as if these viruses are not serious business.

When it comes to a virus such as Ebola I understand that your immune system is basically useless. However there are other sicknesses that can be stopped with a healthy immune system. So what are the best ways to improve your overall immune health? Is there one particular vitamin that you need to take and if so, where do you get it?

The environment can affect your immune health and the things you place in your body can impact it as well. Some viruses, such as HIV, actually attack the immune system. Other types of sickness are combated by the immune system. So lets look at this awesome little part of your body and learn what we can do to make it work better and longer.

  1. Sleep

The best thing you can do for your health is to sleep well and to sleep enough. Adults need to have a minimum of 6 hours every night and this is not negotiable. Sleep gives your body time to heal and it helps your immune system to regenerate and to, essentially, reload.

  1. Avoid Tobacco

We all know that smoking is bad for us but you also need to avoid chewing tobacco as well. Tobacco is a stimulant that can harm your body but it also compromises the immune system.

  1. Get Some Sun

Sun light is a great thing and it helps your body. Did you know that sunlight will actually cause your skin to start making vitamin D? Getting sun in the summer is easy but in the winter, when you live north of Boston, it can be hard to do. Take the time to get outside and soak in the sun.

  1. Balanced Diet

This means you need to eat fruits, veggies, nuts, and any other items that fall into the health category. There is nothing wrong with eating meat and even eating a few sweets. But you need to stay balanced and this will make a huge difference n your immune health.

  1. Reduce Alcohol Intake

I love wine just as much as the next girl, so I understand that this could be tough for some people. But keep in mind that alcohol has been linked to a higher rate of respiratory illness simply because it weakens your immune system.

  1. Consider A Multi-Vitamin

Vitamins are great and they can help your over all health. But the issue for some people is that they are not getting the right amounts from the foods they eat. This is why you should consider a multivitamin such as Centrum.

  1. Exercise

I know this sounds crazy but exercise is a great way to keep your health high. Exercise will expose you to more sunlight (hopefully) and it will improve your circulation. This is a plus for staying healthy.

  1. Water

Water is the life of the planet. So many issues we face can be fixed with water. Constipation can be fixed with water. Dry mouth, dry skin, bad breath, and even poor immune health. Drinking more water and staying hydrated will help you fight off more sickness than you could imagine.

  1. Try Essential Oils

I keep a diffuser running in my home almost all the time. The oils we use are basic but they have been shown to help fight off illness. I typically use Thieves oil while using the diffuser. Never heard of it? Look it up.

10. Laugh A Little 

Ok, so this one is going to be sneered at by some but science will back me up. Laughing has been shown to help reduce the recovery time and it has also been shown to help lower the risk of hospital patients becoming sicker.

So there are 10 ways that you can improve your immune health. This is not a hard task and this is not rocket science. Improving your immune health is about being smart and using common sense. Eating well, exercising, taking it easy on the drinking and smoking. All of these things are common sense and they can make a huge impact on your life. These additions to your life will cut down on the likelihood of respiratory illnesses and they will help you become a super human when it comes to fighting off germs and other pathogens. What is your family doing to protect against viral illnesses this winter?

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