How to Store Your Food Preps When You Are Short on Space

One of the most common problems that preppers encounter is where to store their supplies. When you live in an apartment or a small house, it can be really difficult to build up a substantial inventory or survival gear and food staples. How can you store the food you need when you do not have the huge garage and the additional closet space? How can you really prep for your safety and survival when you do not have enough room? This is a serious issue for many people. Here are some tips to help you store your food preps when you are short on space.

Clear Out the Clutter

The first step is to really look at the space you have available and find places where you can rearrange to free up additional room. Organize your closets, clean out clutter under the beds, and donate items that have no practical purpose for your everyday lives. Just by spending a few days cleaning out clutter, you can free up a lot of space that you didn’t know was available.

Install Shelves

Visit a hardware store and purchase heavy duty shelves. They come in plastic, wood, and metal and many of them are rated to hold in excess of 200 pounds per shelf. These shelves could be placed in the garage, bedroom, closet, or the kitchen. They take up minimal space and they are relatively inexpensive. Don’t forget to make use of wall space that is up high or overhead. You can even install shelves under the stairway and use this area that often goes unnoticed. Put shelves up high in the closets and pack this space full of your food supplies.

Add a Pantry

You could also consider adding an additional pantry to your home. Pantries can be bought in many home improvement stores and they regularly cost somewhere around $200. They are cheap, relatively nice, and they are easy to install.  Plus, they aren’t overly large so you can place it in a hallway, in the laundry room, or in a free corner in your bedroom. Add a new pantry to your home and fill it with supplies.

Fill Up Empty Luggage

If you have extra luggage crammed in closets or under the bed, take advantage of the storage this provides. Fill up those suitcases with food supplies and then put them right back where you had them stored.

Look For Unused Space

Take the time to investigate your home. Look around and determine where you can rearrange a little to maximize your existing space. The area above your refrigerator is usually not used. Why not place some items up there? What about the spaces under your sink in the kitchen? How about the spaces under your beds or your sofa? There really are some unique ways that you can store food and water.

Have you considered building additional shelving above your cabinets? You could also place shelves on the backs of your doors and fill these with food and water. There is space in the back of your closet and there is space behind your furniture.

Build a Loft

Another possibility is building a loft in your garage. This is a bit more expensive but it could add a huge amount of square footage that could be used for storage. Build an overhead platform where you can store supplies and easily access them when needed.

Don’t Rent a Storage Unit

Some have suggested that it might be wise to rent a storage locker to hold your supplies. While this might seem like a great idea on the surface, it really is not practical. While this would give you an additional storage space, it does nothing to help you in the even of an emergency because your supplies are not located with you. What would you do if you could not access your locker? This is really the worst case scenario for prepper storage, and I don’t recommend it.

Where Do You Store Supplies?

What are your best tips for storing food preps in small spaces? We would love to hear your ideas so leave a comment and give some advice to other space-challenged preppers!

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