Must Have Multipurpose Foods for Preppers

Did you know that many foods could help with more than just a rumbling stomach? The simple truth is that you can have food sources that are also good for stopping pain, healing blisters, soothing sore muscles, and even cleaning stains that you never thought would disappear. Today we are going to share a few food items that you can use in multiple ways, particularly in a survival situation. Take note of these important multipurpose foods and then stock your pantry accordingly.

  1. Apples

Apples are always a good food to have. They are great for maintaining a healthy diet. We have all heard that an apple a day will keep the doctor away. But did you know that apples could help to preserve your food for longer? It is a well-known fact that apples can be placed in baked goods and that these goods will last longer than without them. The acidity in the apples helps to preserve! Eating apples is also a great way to clean your teeth. It’s not quite as good as brushing, but it can at least help a little when you don’t have access to your toothbrush. Always make sure that you have apples in your preps. Obviously fresh apples will not keep for a super long time but you can always use dried apples and apple chips.

  1. Baking Soda

This is not a food that you would want to eat by itself. However baking soda has the power and the ability to deodorize and to clean almost anything. It is abrasive enough to scrub with and it is gentle enough to cook with. It is a great item to have on hand. It can remove some of the toughest stains such as oil and blood.

  1. Vinegar

My personal favorite is cider vinegar but white vinegar is okay as well. Vinegar is an all purpose food that can be used to fight stomachache, toothache, and even acne. If you are having issues with acne and bad skin then you might just need to wash in vinegar, the acid will help to level out your Ph levels. Vinegar is also a great option for conditioning your hair. On top of all this, vinegar is perhaps the best cleaning solution on the market.

  1. Onions

While most people have a fear of onions the truth is that they shouldn’t. Onions are not only a great food item and a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals, but they also have the ability to polish metal. Onions can be used to remove rust, clean a grill, or even polish knives. It really is a remarkable food.

  1. Peanut Butter

I am sure every good prepper has a lot of peanut butter in his or her preps. But did you know that peanut butter could be used as an odor blocker? Peanut butter makes a wonderful mousetrap as well as a great hair conditioner. It can remove glue and it can be used as a shaving cream as well.

  1. Pepper

Every prepper needs to have pepper. It can be used to soothe an earache. That in and of itself is a good enough reason to have some. However black pepper can also be used to plug holes in a radiator. Did you know that cayenne pepper could be used to sooth a sore throat?

Food has numerous purposes. While most of us would never think about these other uses, the truth of the matter is that our foods can be used for more than nutrition. They can save our lives in a number of ways.

What are some other foods you stockpile for unusual purposes?

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