How to Grow Fruit Indoors

If I were to ask you to make a list of your favorite fruits, what would be on that list? I would imagine that my family would make a pretty long list. However there are a few things that we like more than others. Apples are certainly going to top the list. I would also have to include grapes, oranges, bananas, and pineapples. The simple truth is that my kids devour fruit almost as fast as I can buy it. While it is a good problem to have it is also a rather expensive habit. Fruit is not cheap and fruit is also very seasonal. While we can buy almost anything year round, there are times when the fruit is better.

In a search for a way to reduce the cost of fresh organic fruit, I discovered that you can actually grow fruit indoors! This a great option when your space is limited or if you live in the wrong climate zone. Here are some of the fruits that you can easily grow indoors with a little time and patience.


Peaches are a fruit that I love and they are something that typically only comes around in the summer time. But you can grow the fruit indoor and yearlong as long as you know what to do. Stick with the bonanza or the nectarine variety and make sure that you start them off in 50-55 degree temperatures. Obviously sun is a good thing. As the fruit grows it will need higher temperatures. There might be a time when you place the plants outside but overall they can be grown inside as long as you provide plenty of light and you maintain the temperature.


Another option for indoor fruit is the fig. I have learned that most varieties of plants and fruits do better when the root systems are confined to larger pots. However the fig has the ability to be a really good indoor plant that works in a smaller pot. You will need to keep the temperature between 55-65 and you will still need to prune regularly, but this is a great option for indoor fruiting.

Alpine Strawberries

One of the best fruits ever would have to be the strawberry. Alpine strawberries are great for indoors as long as you have a sunny windowsill were they could grow. As long as the sun is bright and strong these plants will produce almost year round. Make sure the plants are properly watered and that the sun is not just hit and miss. The idea is to provide a unique environment where these plants will thrive.

Most plants are going to require regular feeding and watering and they will require pruning and maintenance. That is to be expected. It might also be a good idea to have a dedicated zone of your home for this process.

If you are considering some indoor fruit trees, look for plants that are “dwarf” varieties. You can typically find dwarf trees at any local nursery and they are relatively easy to maintain as long as you have a sunny window and don’t forget to give them regular water.

Have you ever tried growing fruit indoors? Were you successful?

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