Why Your Food Storage Might Fail You In a Real SHTF Situation

Stockpiling food is an important task for every prepper, but just because you keep some food on hand, that doesn’t mean you are out of the woods. In reality, many preppers would be in a world of trouble in a real world disaster because they have made some common mistakes. If you want to avoid catastrophe, check out these reasons why your food storage might fail you and what you can do to be sure your family stays well fed, even in a SHTF situation.

You Didn’t Store Enough Food

Many people simply do not have enough food stored. They think they have enough to last for three months, but they actually don’t. Making sure that you have enough food can be a hard task but it is something that we all need to consider. When you start prepping make sure that you have accounted for the right number of people and the amount of food that each person will be allotted everyday. Maybe try living on your stockpile for a few days and see what you are missing that would be important in an emergency and figure out how fast you will use up your supplies.

You Didn’t Store Your Food Correctly

Too many of our prepping friends are just throwing food around in the garage or piling it on the shelf. If your food is not stored properly then it will not last as long as you need. Food that spoils is not good for anything and it will not help you one bit. Make sure you are taking the time to properly store your food. When food is stored well it increases the shelf life.

Not All Food Has A Long Shelf Life

Making this mistake could be deadly. Not only will spoiled food poison your body but it will also lead to starvation. Having a proper list of the foods you have is a great idea. But it is also a good idea to have a list of the expiation dates. This will allow you to cycle or rotate your stock much the same way a grocery store operates.

Are Your Containers Rat Proof?

When you start storing food, you are actually making your home a better place for rodents. If you have not taken the time to properly seal your food and to then place it in a tamper proof storage case, then you are asking for trouble. How bad would it be to open your crates and find rat feces all over the place? It would be disastrous.

You Don’t Have Enough Variety

I have an acquaintance that has started prepping. I was glad when she told me about it but I was also disappointed when she told me all she was storing was rice and beans. That is a great food and you can certainly live off of rice and beans. However there is a reason that we have a food pyramid. Your body will work better when it has all the vitamins and minerals it needs. This is why you need to have a large variety of foods that you are storing.

Your Food Storage Was Stolen

Most people never think about the possibility that their food storage could be stolen. If this happens what would you do? This is why it is important to have proper security in place. I often say that this is the best reason for having a secret bug out location that has another stock of food.

What are some other common mistakes that you have seen preppers making in regard to their food stockpiles?

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