Why Every Prepper Should Grow Potatoes

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a vital step in becoming self-sufficient and living an off grid life. Depending on where you live, what crops you can grow successfully will vary, due to differences in soil quality and climate. Most farmers and gardeners have a set list of crops that they can grow and grow well in their location. Sometimes though, they might want to expand what they grow and add in more vegetables that will grow well. One hearty vegetable to consider is the potato. Every prepper should start growing potatoes because they offer lots of benefits and a lot of versatility for cooking. Here are just a few good reasons to add potatoes to your prepper garden.

Easy to Grow

Potatoes are easy to grow even for beginning gardeners. They aren’t picky plants. They really just need dirt and water. You will find that potato plants are hearty and can sometimes withstand less than ideal conditions. Also some varieties grow quickly, which means you could have a whole crop in just a few months! A single potato plant can give you hundreds of potatoes, which is ideal for preppers. They have high yield, and are a great food for canning. It’s really the perfect choice for building up a food stockpile.


There are dozens of dishes you can prepare from potatoes, making it a versatile, and valuable food staple. One of the most common ways to serve potatoes is to bake them. A single whole, baked potato with the skins on can be a meal in and of itself. You can also fry potatoes, boil and mash them, or slice and bake them. You can even make potato flour to make bread! The possibilities give you many options to provide varied meals for your family based around the same food.

Nutrition Benefit

Potatoes are rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. A single potato has around 200 calories, but is virtually fat free (until you start piling on the cheese and butter!). It is a great food for those who want something nutrient dense, but need to watch their calorie and fat intake. A potato is loaded with Vitamin C and potassium, and is also high in fiber. It’s best nutritional punch comes from Vitamin B6 – one potato has a whopping 39% of the recommended daily value of this vitamin. You might be surprised to know that potatoes are a heart healthy food. They have ingredients to help lower blood pressure and prevent clogging of the arteries. They also contain a lot of fiber, and they are full of complex carbs, something useful to prevent overeating.

Barter Value

Another benefit of growing potatoes is their bartering value. Should you find yourself in a situation where you may have to trade for things your family needs to survive, having an abundance of potatoes can be a blessing. It can be a valuable item to share and trade with others as it gives an abundant crop with little effort. It might also bring in extra income for you if you decide to sell off what excess produce you and your family don’t need.

As you have seen, growing potatoes is easy, inexpensive, and productive. It can be a valuable addition to your garden each year, and because it produces so well, can benefit your family and the ones who live around you. Have you tried growing potatoes?

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