Why Every Kid Should Go Fishing This Summer

There was a time when kids seemed to spend their entire summer vacation at their favorite fishing hole with a line dropped in the water. Sadly, electronic devices have now replaced those hot summer days spent fishing. This means it’s up to you to get your kids up and off the couch and to the fishing hole. You and your children will be glad you did. There are several reasons why your child should learn how to fish.

Improved Understanding of Where Food Comes From

It’s estimated that the average person is three generations removed from the farm, which means that most contemporary kids assume that food naturally comes in packaging. They have no idea what the food’s true origins are. Fishing helps them learn. Not only will they develop a solid understanding that their meat is provided by a living creature, but they’ll also learn that getting that food from the lake to the table isn’t an easy process.

They Learn How to Survive

Knowing how to fish is actually a pretty big survival skill. If your child gets lost in the wilderness, as long as they can get to a water source, they’ll be able to find fish to eat. The time they spend sitting by the water waiting for the fish to bite will also heighten their sense of surroundings and help them develop a better understanding and appreciation of the environment.

They’ll Get Exercise

Getting kids out and moving is harder than ever before. They want to spend their time on the couch. Fishing will help. In addition to walking to the fishing place or helping to launch a boat, they will also learn how to cast, balance on a boat, and will often want to swim at some point.

They Learn About Conservation

While their science teachers have most likely attempted to teach your child about the environment and ecology, but more often than not, the dry manner in which these lessons are presented means the lessons don’t stick. Fishing changes that. Getting outside and seeing how everything interacts and equals a whole picture will fascinate your child. While you’re teaching your child to fish, you should also explain how throwing back some of the small fish, or not taking any when they are in the middle of spawn, will heighten your child’s understanding about conservation and how they need to be responsible and make sure they only take as many fish as they can actually eat.

You’ll See Your Child Become More Patient

Today’s child has been raised in an instant gratification environment. Fishing will teach them that they can’t always be in a hurry, that sometimes they need to slow down, sit back, and wait for the fish to bite. While they may fight this at first, after a few fishing trips, it’s likely they will enjoy the sensation of being able to slow down and relax.

They Learn More About You

There isn’t much to do while fishing, which makes conversation one of the best ways to pass the time. You won’t believe how much you and your child talk about while your waiting for the fish to bite. Not only will this provide you with a precious opportunity to learn a great deal about your child, it’s also a great chance to let them get to know you. Many parents use this time to share family stories.

Getting the Most Out of Your Fishing Time

You want fishing to be something your child enjoys, which means you’re going to have to put some time and effort into making sure that you’ve created a good situation. There are several ways you should go abut doing this, including:

  • Remember safety comes first, check the conditions, equipment, and water before you settle down to fish
  • You need to be patient, it’s going to take your child a little while to get the hang of fishing.
  • Have everything you need on hand
  • Start with short fishing trips, especially when your children are still young. They have a limited attention span
  • Make the experience as fun as you possibly can

The times that you and your child spend fishing together will become some of your favorite memories. Grab some bait and take your little ones fishing this weekend!

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