Best MRE’s for Easy Food Storage

Food storage is one of the biggest prepping tasks, and one that can be a bit overwhelming if you let it. However, one way you can avoid some of the stress of creating a food stockpile, particularly if you don’t like to cook from scratch, is by buying MRE’s.

An MRE is a “meal ready to eat,” and is just what it says. They were first designed by the military, and you can eat them right out of the container. You don’t have to heat them or refrigerate them, and everything is included for a complete meal. They also have a long shelf life, which makes them ideal for preppers. Here are 7 of the best MRE’s on the market today.

72 Hour MRE Food and Water Kit

72 hour mre kit

This kit will feed an individual for three days, and has everything including water. It even has utensils! This is perfect for stashing in your apartment, or in a car trunk! And it is a good price, at less than $70.

One Month Emergency Food Box for 1 Person

one month food box

This MRE collection has enough food for a single person for a month! Breakfast, lunch, and dinners, and even two kinds of drinks are included! For less than what most people spend on a week’s worth of groceries, you can have an entire month of ready to eat meals. This is a great deal, and could be separated up into smaller increments or a meal or two thrown in to a bug out bag, or into your car emergency kit.

Basic Emergency Backup Meal

basic emergency backup meal

This little pack is perfect to toss in your glove box, your hiking pack, or buy several and put them in your bug out bag. These are 7 piece complete meal kits that cost less than a drive thru combo. This is a great idea for someone who hikes, or spends lots of time on outdoor excursions.

Datrex Water Pouches (Case of 64)

drinking water

This is a great alternative to storing water bottles. This 64 count case has 4 ounce packages perfect for putting in your bug out bag or stockpiling for your emergency kit. It is purified water you can drink right out of the container, so it is a fantastic on the go option. This product has a 5 year shelf life, so it stores well, too!

Gluten Free Basic Bundle

gluten free basics bundle

If you have to avoid gluten, it can be hard to find MRE’s that are gluten free. However, I found this kit that might just fit the bill. It has 84 gluten free meals and 120 servings of milk, which is a month long supply! For less than $300, you can have a month’s worth of meals that won’t compromise your health!

MRE Heater

mre heater

While this isn’t actually an MRE, you might find this little gadget a welcome addition, particularly if you like your food warmed up (and especially if it is cold out!) . This single use heater will warm up your MRE, and according to reviews, will warm a second one up, too. They don’t use an open flame, and they can be thrown out with the regular trash. They are easy to use, too. At less than $2 a pop, consider buying a few dozen to add to your emergency kit!

If you have never tried MRE’s you could be missing out on a valuable addition to your food stockpile. Hopefully these suggestions will point you in the right direction to begin looking at ready to eat meals as a prepping option.

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