7 Must Have Gardening Supplies For Spring

As a prepper, gardening is one of my favorite activities. I have been gardening for years and I have been teaching my kids about gardening ever since they were old enough to help. There is nothing better than growing your own food, saving money while doing it, and spending time with your family. All of those things are rolled into one experience when you garden. If you want to be an effective gardener, it’s essential that you have the right tools for the job. While you can get by with a simple shovel, the work is so much easier if you have better tools. These are some of my favorite garden tools that I recommend for first time grower.

  1. Fiskars 3 Piece Softouch Garden Tool Set

garden tool setThis tool set is a must have for first time growers. The small digger and the small fork will make turning the soil very easy. These are must haves for any garden no matter the size. Your kids will love these because they will be just the right size for their tiny hands. At under 20 bucks it is a deal that is hard to overlook.

  1. Fiskars Softouch Weeder

weederI have used this tool for years. My dad introduced me to this tool. He is a lawn freak. He hates weeds and will almost kill himself trying to make sure his lawn is fresh and clean. This little tool works amazingly well on all kinds of weeds but especially dandelions. The simple lever design makes pulling the roots out a snap. It will remove the roots and the weed and you will be left with a nice little hole. It is totally worth the money.

  1. H.B. Smith Tools 3-Piece Ratchet Pruner Set for Lawn and Garden

prumer set

Gardening is not just about growing vegetables and fruit. It is also about maintaining a healthy and well-manicured lawn. Part of that process is trimming your bushes and your trees. You could even throw in the rose bushes as well. Having the right tools for this job is mandatory. This is the only kind of tool you want for trimming these special plants and trees. The sharpness of these tools will offer a nice cut that will not force you into early retirement. In other words, they will not over work you.

  1. Ames True Temper 1842400 Triangular Head Warren Hoe

hoeAgain, the right tool can make a huge difference. This is not an ordinary hoe. This hoe is the kind you will need to use on your potatoes. If you choose to grow your spuds in your garden then you are going to need this tool to properly turn the soil and to remove your potatoes.

  1. Yard Butler IRD-2, 30-Inch Roto Auger

yard butletThis tool might be one of my favorites. It is an awesome little tool that can make planting a breeze. You can use this tool to plant in the garden or you can use it to plant flowers. It simply attaches to a drill, preferably a cordless, and you use the power of the drill to dig a small hole. I like to use this to plant my tomato plants as well as my flowers.

  1. Northern Tool + Equipment Steel Cart

cartThis wagon is not the typical tool you think of when it comes to gardening. However I love it. My garden is about 50 yards away from the house and that makes trips back and forth to the garage a hassle. With this wagon I am able to load the items I might need and simply roll them out to the garden. Plus, it doubles as a trash hauler. If I have a lot of weeds or clippings to throw away then I can just throw them in this wagon.

  1. G & F 1852-3 Women Soft Jersey Garden Gloves


Just because I like to work outside in the yard and in the garden does not mean I do not like to protect my hands. The dirt and mud can stain your skin and the thorns and briars you deal with are brutal on the skin. Gloves are an absolute must, especially if you are dealing with digging or if you are pruning roses. These gloves are pretty and they work well.

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