6 Best Survival Cooking Supplies

As a mom, nothing makes me happier than spending a cold autumn evening in the kitchen, preparing a delicious dinner for my family. Whether you love to cook or hate the thought of time spent in the kitchen, food preparation is something you need to think about as you work towards emergency preparedness. If the grid goes down and you don’t have access to your current kitchen appliances, how will you feed your family? You will need a well stocked pantry full of survival cooking supplies to get you through. Here are 6 of the best survival cooking supplies that I have chosen for my family.

  1. GSI Outdoors Crossover Kitchen Set

GSI crossover kitchen set

This outdoor kitchen set has a lot of the cooking essentials you will need in a survival situation. I love that it comes packaged in a nice lightweight tote for easy storage and portability. It even includes cleaning supplies to help you keep your cooking environment clean and sanitary. This kit includes a cutting board, tongs, a spatula, spoon, spicer, oil bottle, a scraper, scrubby pad, soap bottle, and camp towel.

  1. EZ-Doh Hand Dough Mixer

ez doh hand mixer

While it’s nice to have access to premade bread at the grocery store, you could eventually be forced to make it yourself. This hand dough mixer makes the process a lot easier and you don’t even need electricity. You can mix up a batch of dough in less than five minutes and there is less mess to clean up when you are done.

  1. Stainless Steel Canner

stainless steel canner

Every prepper needs a good canner and this stainless steel model is perfect for steam or water bath canning methods. It has a built-in thermometer that makes canning a lot easier for newbies. You can fit 8 pint size jars of 7 quart size jars in one batch and the glass lid makes it easy to keep an eye on things without letting steam escape. Along with the stainless steel canner, you get an included canning kit that is fully stocked with a canning funnel, magnetic lid lifter, jar lifter, jar wrench, and a cleaning brush.

  1. Excalibur 9-Tray Dehydrator

9 tray dehydrator

Besides canning your garden’s bounty, another great option for long term storage is dehydration. This 9-tray dehydrator works like a charm for creating all kinds of dehydrated goodies. I have used it to make dried apples, strawberries, and even beef jerky for my family to enjoy.

  1. Lodge 8-Quart Dutch Oven

lodge dutch oven

When it comes to cast iron, no one does it better than Lodge. I love this dutch oven because it has so many potential uses. You can cook over a campfire or use it on the wood stove. It comes pre-seasoned so you are ready to start cooking as soon as you take it out of the box. Because it’s made of cast iron, it naturally distributes heat evenly so your meat cooks to perfection every single time. There is nothing better than enjoying a cast iron prepared pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and celery.

  1. Lodge Cast Iron Square Grill Pan

lodge skillet

My final must-have survival cooking item is a cast iron square grill pan and I love this one made by Lodge. It measure 10.25 inches across and has restaurant stripes so that your steaks always look like a professional chef prepared them. Those little stripes also allow your meat to simmer away in the fat drippings, giving you more flavor and a tender cook every single time. The grill pan can be used for many things in a survival setting. You can grill steaks, chicken, or pork chops. Make perfect toast or sauté some vegetables. The options are endless!

These are six of my personal favorite survival cooking supplies. What are some other kitchen supplies you have added to your prepper stash?

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