5 Fast Growing Foods You Can Grow Indoors

Have you ever tried indoor gardening? Did you know that you can grow several vegetables right inside your home? You don’t have to have a huge garden plot in your back yard, which is great news for those with small yards or who live in apartments. Anyone can grow vegetables indoors. And it might surprise you that many of them will be ready in just several weeks! All you need are some containers, seeds, water and soil, and a space to put your pots where they will get the right amount of sunshine to sprout and grow. Here are 5 of them you can try today.

Baby Carrots

Baby carrots are pretty easy to grow inside. All you have to do is put the seeds on the soil and then pour soil over the top. Water them regularly, and in about a month, you’ll have your own crop of baby carrots! Put your containers in a sunny spot and watch your carrots begin to grow! If you want the traditional longer carrots, you’ll have to do those outside.


Many novice gardeners enjoy growing herbs indoors. They do well in sunny windows and you can have your own fresh mint, rosemary, sage, or thyme growing right in your kitchen. These are a great first crop for kids, too, as they don’t take a lot of maintenance to grow, and you can do several different varieties.


Who doesn’t love fresh lettuce for a salad? Wouldn’t it be cool to grow it right in your own kitchen and whenever you needed some just snip it off the plant? Lettuce is great to grow in containers, and you can put lots of seeds close together. Romaine is a great choice because it is ready in about a month. A good rule is to wait until there is about 3 inches of leaf growing out of the dirt before you start cutting it.

Green Onions

Of all the onion plants, green onions grow the fastest, which is about 21-28 days, so they are a great choice for indoor gardening. They like a hearty soil that is made from a compost and topsoil blend. Fresh chopped green onions make great additions to tacos, soups, salads, and as a garnish for meat. You can also plant them close together in a pot and they will do fine.

Baby Spinach

If you have tried lettuce and done well at growing it, then you could probably also grow spinach with success. Like lettuce, it does well in small containers, with the seeds planted close. You can have fresh spinach right in your kitchen and can add it to smoothies, salads, and other meals.

These are just a few of the things you can grow indoors. These are the perfect starter foods to try so that you can see if you want to try and move onto a more expansive list. If you don’t have a sun room, choose a space that gets plenty of sunlight every day to help your veggies grow their best.

What are your favorite indoor vegetables to grow?

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