13 Reasons to Stockpile Herbal Tea

Many people enjoy a nice hot cup of herbal tea with their breakfast, or as a way to wind down at night. If you have to avoid caffeine like I do, you can find that they are a nice alternative to many specialty drinks out there. They are also low cost, compared to soft drinks or sports drinks. But did you know that herbal tea can also be a valuable addition to your emergency preps? It has many additional uses other than being a yummy drink. Here are 13 reasons you should add herbal teas to your stockpile today.
Calm Nerves and Relax
Chamomile tea has long been known for being a relaxing blend that helps promote calm feelings and even help bring on sleep. Often after a disaster, emotions are running high and a cup of this could bring welcome relief.
Make a Compress
Herbal tea can be used to make a compress. Compresses can be used to help with everything from a sprain to a sinus headache. For example, a cloth soaked in peppermint tea could help with stuffy, congested sinuses, or a stubborn headache. Different herbs will help with different ailments.
Soak Away Aches and Pains
Mugwort tea poured into a warm bath could be a welcome treat for a postpartum mother, as it is known for bringing relief to achy muscles. A new mom will thank you!
Gargle Away a Sore Throat
Nothing can get you down like a sore throat. The good news is that there is a natural way to find relief. Sage tea is perfect for making your own mouth gargle. It can soothe a scratchy sore through and give your immune system a nice boost. Plus you can add a little honey for extra health benefits and your kids will enjoy it too.
Relief a Painful Sunburn
Ice cubes made from peppermint tea could help take the heat out of sunburn. Make an ice pack or rub the cube itself onto the burned area for immediate relief.
Add to the Neti Pot
Sinus problems are a given during the winter months, especially if you battle seasonal allergies. Taking repeated rounds of antibiotics can actually do more harm than good so finding natural remedies is a must for chronic sinus sufferers. If you battle clogged sinuses, adding some goldenrod tea to your neti pot rinse could help clear out those nasal passages.
Get Health, Shiny Hair
Rinsing your hair in an herbal tea can make it healthier. Rosemary tea is particularly good for helping with scalp circulation. Just brew up a pot of tea and while it’s still warm, give your hair a rinse. Some people even rely on tea as a natural hair color alternative.
Keep Pesky Bugs Away
There are certain herbs that will keep pesky mosquitoes away. You can fill a spritz bottle with some lemon zinger herbal tea and use it as a bug spray. For added protection, include a couple drops of citronella essential oil to the tea.
Ease an Upset Stomach
Peppermint tea will help to soothe and relieve nausea and upset tummies. It’s a perfect solution for children who are fighting a stomach virus and can’t seem to keep down anything else. Peppermint tea will alleviate the intestinal discomfort, soothe sore throat from reflux, and fight dehydration.
Add A Kick of Flavor
You can add a kick to traditional iced tea by brewing an herbal or fruit tea bag in with regular tea bags. Peppermint and peach are good ones to try. Experiment until you find a tea variety that your whole family enjoys.
Enjoy a Nighttime Treat
Many people love sitting down with herbal tea in the evening instead of coffee. Most herbal teas are caffeine free, and won’t be as stimulating late at night as a cup of joe.
Make Your Own Mouthwash
If you want to make your own mouthwash as an alternative to store bought versions, try rinsing with peppermint tea. The natural antiseptic qualities will go a long way toward fighting germs. Just make sure you brush your teeth afterwards to avoid any staining.
Boost Your Bartering Power
Keep lots of extra herbal teas in your stockpile for use as bartering items. Many might find them to be very valuable, especially for medicinal purposes. You could also keep extra to give to friends and neighbors for some of the uses mentioned here.
What other uses can you think of for adding herbal teas to your stockpile?

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