How to Stay Warm When There Is No Heat

Winter is upon us once again. It seems that no matter how hot it might get in the summer we are always sad to see the cold weather come our way. And while some of our readers are lovers of the cold, we can all agree that we like to enjoy the warmth of a home. The real issues that we are going to face in a disaster situation can be very complex and they might even catch us off guard. But there is another aspect that we might not be prepared for. Staying warm when there is no heat and the temperature is dropping might be a serious issue for some folks. So what are we supposed to do? How are we supposed to remain warm and stay alive if the power is off and the heat is quickly dissipating in the room?

Take the time now to prepare for this event. The first thing that we did was to pick a room in the house that we would all gather. Obviously this needs to be a fairly large room since there will be several people in the room. Pick a room that has the fewest windows and the fewest outside facing walls, if possible. Otherwise you will just pick the largest room in your home and make that the command center.

Once you have picked the room you are going to use you will need to prepare the room. Remember, this will take some time and some materials so you need to be prepared in advance for this. This will be the time when you use duct tape and plastic to seal all of the doorways and windows in the room. This will help to seal in the remaining heat as well as the heat that each person is generating.

Once you have sealed the doors and the windows you will need to cover the flooring with blankets, rugs, clothing, etc. whatever you have that can be used to help keep the cold air from seeping through the floor.

You’re also going to need blankets, sheets, pillows, afghans, extra clothing, socks, etc. the idea here is to gather as may layers as you have and wear them. Remember, it is easier to cool off than it is to heat up so do not hesitate to layer up.

Additional Heating Sources:

Now I am not going to lie to you. There have been a few times when we have used kerosene heaters and we have even used camping grills to heat a room. It is not the most advantageous thing to do and it certainly is not the safest thing, but it can be done in an emergency. The thing to keep in mind is that auxiliary sources of heat are typically going to create a carbon monoxide issue. Carbon monoxide is deadly. It is a silent killer as it will simply make you fall asleep and then you die. So be careful. Storage Prepper does not recommend using these types of heating sources unless you absolutely have no other options. If you must use these sources you need to have proper ventilation.

When it comes to living in the cold there are not that many tips or tricks. The idea is to stay warm. Movement is always a good way to keep the blood flowing and to help generate heat. Extra clothing is always a good idea. Beyond that, you need to stay close and snuggle with your loved ones.

What are you adding to your preps to get ready for 2014 winter weather?

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