Simple Ways to Lower Home Heating Costs

Winter is fast approaching which means that it’s time to start worrying about how much heating your home is going to cost. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to keep the heating bill low.

Wear Lots of Layers

The next time you feel tempted to bump the thermostat up a few degrees, you should go to your closet instead and grab a cardigan and pair of sweatpants. After a few moments, you’ll feel much warmer and it won’t cost you a dime. The best thing about layering to get toasty is that if you get to warm, you can just peel off the extra clothing. On really chilly days, you should add an extra heavy pair of socks and a hat to your wardrobe. The hat in particular helps you conserve body heat, even while you’re indoors.

Take Advantage of the Sun

Once the sun has risen, you should open up all your shades and let the sunlight stream into your home. You won’t believe how much this heats up your house and it doesn’t cost you a dime. Making sure you’re ceiling fans are one rotates the sun’s warmth through you house. Just remember to shut the shades as the sun start to set so you capture its heat inside your house.

Get Moving

The longer you sit on the couch, the colder you’re going to get. As soon as you start to feel chilly, wipe down your kitchen counters, was windows, vacuum the floor, or a play a game of tug with the dog. The increased circulation will get your blood pumping and you’ll warm up in no time at all.

Get Something Warm to Drink

When you’re cold, warm yourself up from the inside out with a mug of hot chocolate or a hot bowl of soup. You won’t believe how warm and toasty you feel once you have something warm in your belly.

Cuddle under a Blanket

Keep a warm blanket on the back of your couch and snuggle under it whenever you relax in front of the television or with a good book.

Take Advantage of your Hair Dryer

Wet hair in the middle of the winter is a huge problem. Even if you’re not going outside, you should use your hair dryer as soon as you get out of the shower and dry your hair. The sooner you get it dry, the warmer you’ll feel.

Start Baking

You won’t believe how much the house warms up once you turn on the oven and do some baking. Even after you’ve turned off the oven, your kitchen will be warm and toasty. The fact that your house smells great and that you have so many tasty treats to eat are an added bonus.

Light Candles

Lighting candles, particularly in a small room, is a great way to raise the temperature a few degrees. Many people report that even in large rooms, the candlelight makes things feel warm and cozy.

Start a Fire in the Fireplace

Wood burners and fireplaces are a great way to reduce the overall cost of heating your home, especially if you have enough trees on your property to supply your own firewood. Before turning on your wood burner or fireplace make sure your vents and chimney are clean.

Close Up the Rooms You’re Not Using

If you’re not using a room, close the door and keep it closed until you no longer have to heat your home. The reduced space does wonders to reduce your overall heating bill.

Turn Down the Heat at Night

Before you go to bed, turn down the heat a few degrees. Not only does this help lower your overall heating bill, but you’ll also sleep better when your home is a little cooler.

Winterize Your Home

Before the weather turns really bitter and you’re running your heat full time, you need to go through your home and make sure it’s properly winterized. This includes shutting all your windows and blocking the cracks under doors. If you run your hands along any of your windows and feel cool air blowing in, you should cover them with heavy duty plastic.

What are some other strategies you use to lower home heating costs in the winter?

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