Pros and Cons of Solar Energy For Preppers

When you think about going off grid, one of the items on the prepping checklist might be solar power. Not only would it be ideal for being able to power your home without being tied into city or county electric companies, it would be a huge relief not to have to depend on those agencies should there be an area wide outage. You would still be able to go on about your daily tasks without worry.

Converting to solar power isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, and it is definitely one you should plan carefully. There are several factors to consider before making the leap to solar power for your property. Here are some pros and cons to using solar energy.


One of the biggest pros to using solar energy is that once it is installed, the operating cost is virtually non-existent. Talk about a budget friendly option! Since you are using the power of the sun, which is free, you can spend the money you would have been using to pay for electricity on other prepping needs, or to just save for an emergency. Who wouldn’t want to ditch that electricity bill?

Solar energy is also pretty reliable. While everyone else is trying to power up generators and light candles, you’ll be able to operate within fairly normal range. It is a wise idea to have battery backup for your solar power, though, if you are tied to grid. In fact, don’t go into solar powering your home without accounting for the cost and installation of battery backups.

Another bonus to solar power is that it is really quiet. You won’t give off any indication that your home has electricity, so you are affording your family extra protection in a SHTF scenario. In those situations, the less of a footprint you have, the better!


Converting to solar power is really expensive. The initial cost will be off-putting to many people. That said, you can also get tax credits, and the money you will save over time will more than help the up front investment pay for itself.

Depending on the type of disaster, solar power may not perform as well. For example, if you are in a situation where there is no sunlight (or it is blocked) for several days, this will affect the amount of power you will get.

If you don’t keep your panels clean, they won’t work as well, either. Some people may find that maintenance chore a drawback.

Contrary to many popular myths, you don’t have to live in an area where it is sunny all the time for solar power to work for you. Also, cost is going down on the costs of solar power installation, and while it is expensive, you can save up for it, finance it, or add it a little at a time. If you decide to go with solar power, you will probably be very pleased with your decision, and the pros will definitely outweigh the cons.

What are your thoughts on solar power? Is this something your family is working towards? If you already have solar power installed, share your tips for those who are just embarking on this new energy method!


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