Why Preppers Shouldn’t Neglect Propane

Propane is not usually on the top of the list when we talk about fuel sources for preppers, but it’s still a valuable option that you may want to think about adding it to your emergency fuel storage. It’s a well kept secret that could greatly benefit you and your family in a serious emergency. Let’s look at some of the best reasons to start stockpiling propane.


Propane is typically cheaper and more cost effective than most other liquid fuel types. You’ve seen places all over to buy or refill propane tanks– WalMart, gas stations, or even the local co-op store.


It’s easy to store in canisters, and it will last a long time when stored properly, making it more cost-effective over the long term. You can even store it in small quantities, which makes it something you could carry in a bug out bag in a one pound container. These may be a little pricier than the larger containers, so use caution there, but they are a great solution if you are just going for a weekend or want a short term cooking fuel to take along. Obviously, if you have firewood at your disposal, that would be the cheapest thing to use for heating and fuel, but that may not always be a possibility.


In the event of a crisis situation, you may not be able to get more propane, so stockpiling it is a good idea if you have the space. It could become a hot commodity and a good bartering item, too, if you find yourself in long term survival mode. Not everyone will have thought ahead to store propane, and may have run out of firewood, or other fuel sources.

Easy to Use

Cooking with propane is fairly easy. If you’re taught how to use it correctly, it can be a sustainable cooking fuel source, and the job of cooking could be passed off to another member of the family, who may not be physically up to doing other homesteading or survival tasks. It can be quite dangerous, so someone who is experienced with using it should instruct the others on how to use it safely. Also, if you cook and heat your area with propane, you can spend time doing other things – not chopping wood, which is an added bonus.

If you have never cooked with propane before – it’s always a good idea to do some trial runs with it before it’s your only option– as you would with any new cooking tool. Try cooking on a camp stove with it, or grilling with propane. Use recipes that you normally make, and prepping recipes, too. Pretend you are in survival mode for the weekend and see how it goes. It will give you a good idea of if you are prepared enough or need to make some more emergency survival prep.

Shop Local

Another great thing about propane – it’s made in North America primarily, so you’re keeping money at home, rather than sending it overseas. That is good for our economy overall, and can make you feel good about purchasing a product made on your continent.

When it comes time to refill, you can either refill your existing tank, or trade it in for another one. This may be a brand new tank, or one that is used, but has been refilled. You can expect to spend somewhere around $25 for a new tank, but definitely price check and shop around to find the best deal for your money.

Have you ever used propane to heat or cook? Do you prefer it to other methods?

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