Power After An EMP?

Here is the scenario: You’re driving down the road on a regular day. You live in a somewhat rural area of the county and your home is about 5 miles behind you. All of a sudden your car’s engine just shuts off. You are a little concerned because you have no idea how to repair the car. As you limp your vehicle towards the side of the road you notice that a few other cars are pulling over as well. You reach into your purse to find your phone. Hopefully your husband will be home and he can come help you. You pull the phone out and notice that it is not on. You try to turn the phone on again and again but nothing is happening.

On the surface this seems like a fairly bad day – your car died and now you can’t get your phone to work. Unfortunately, it’s more than a little inconvenience. Your car and cell phone stopped working because the area you live in has just been exposed to an electromagnetic pulse, often called an EMP. An EMP is an electromagnetic pulse that destroys any and all electronics that are within its path.

Where Do EMP’s Come From? 

An EMP is part of every nuclear explosion. However it is very possible to have an EMP without a nuclear weapon detonation if the sun releases a massive solar flare, which some survivalists call the “kill shot”. EMP attacks should be on the mind of every prepper. It’s a very real possibility and it could easily happen in the United States if one of our enemies detonated a nuclear device at high altitude above our country. Let’s say that a rogue nation, or even our own country, wanted to kill the power grid and send us back into the dark ages. This could be accomplished by detonating a nuclear device some 75-150 miles above the surface of the earth. If this were done over the middle of our country it would reach as far east as the Appalachian mountains and as far west as California.

emp map

What Happens

When an EMP occurs it will literally wipe out all electrical devices. Anything that has an electrical circuit board will be killed. This means that any car made after 1981 will no longer run. Planes will fall from the sky. Microwaves will not run. Power lines will not carry electricity. Everything that uses electricity will stop working and will be useless.

What happens next is a matter of speculation. However there is no denying that normalcy will be at least 5-10 years away. This could be the starting point of an invasion by a foreign force. The possibilities are really endless.

Protection From EMP

So is it possible to have electricity after an EMP? The answer is yes. There is one major way that you can safe guard your devices. If you have a microwave then you already have the basic system that I am going to describe. A faraday cage is the only reliable item that can be used to protect your devices from an EMP attack. A faraday cage is a box that has been insulated from the possible electrical pulses. In essence, a faraday cage will create a protective barrier from outside forces. Faraday cages can be built from scratch and they can come in many different sizes.

Insure That You Have Power After An EMP

In order to have power after an EMP you are going to need generators that are either EMP proof or generators that have been stored in a faraday cage. If money is no object then feel free to invest in an EMP proof generator. If not then you need to store your regular generator(s) in a faraday cage. This will protect them from the pulse and it will enable them to work properly afterwards.

What steps are you taking to prepare for an EMP attack?

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