What Are The Best Off Grid Energy Options?

If you are planning to go off the grid, then one of your first considerations should be how you will power your home. You are going to have to have some type of power, whether that comes from your local power grid, solar power, or some other source. Knowing about off grid power options is also really helpful in an emergency, as you will have a way to do things when the power is out. Here are 4 of the best off grid options for energy.

Fuel Powered Generators

While this is really more of a short term option, it is definitely one you should look into having at home, particularly if you live in an area prone to storms, or other weather situations where the power supply could be off for more than just a few hours. A gas powered generator can be a life saver because it is meant to be used as an emergency power source. Typically, you can get anywhere from 5-9 hours of power off a generator before you need to add more fuel.

Solar Power

Using the power of the sun, solar panels can provide enough energy to power a home. Converting to solar power can be expensive on the front end, but the savings you will see over the course of even a couple of years will definitely prove that it will pay for itself in no time! Solar power grids can range from large to small, and harness the sun to charge battery packs that power the home when the sun goes down for the night. Many people also use solar ovens to cook if they don’t have a traditional oven in the home.


Another off-grid energy source is batteries. There’s a good reason that disaster preparedness experts tell you to stock your emergency kit with plenty of extra batteries, and that is because they could provide electricity and power when there is no other source. It is a wise idea to stock up on batteries in all sizes, and have back up batteries for things like your laptop, radio, an walkie talkies. You can never have enough extra batteries! It’s also a good idea to buy a quality battery charger. You can buy one that uses traditional electricity, or one that can be charged using a car cigarette lighter (ideal for your car emergency kit!).

Water Power

Since the earliest civilizations, water power has been used for all sorts of things. Pioneer villages had water wheels that helped to operate mills and other industries around town, and that type of power is still used in many places today. You can also use water power to generate energy for your home. If you have a creek or other type of flowing water on site, a hydroelectric generator can be one of the best purchases you ever make. Since water runs all the time, you can have a power supply right at your back door, enough to put out around 100 volts at a constant speed.

These are just a few of the off grid power options that are out there. Have you tried any of these on your property?

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